Poem – Here’s To The New Year

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As the clock struck twelve on New Year’s Eve
Everybody cheered as the New Year came in
The past year had gone so fast, it was hard to believe
That 2011 was here, and we wonder what it will bring.

New Year’s resolutions and promises are made
And everyone tries to be a better person this year
Like keeping healthy, or working harder to get that grade
Although, not everyone sticks to them, well that’s what I always hear.

People around the world partying the night away
Japan, Austrailia, France and London
And everywhere you go, loud music would play
I never knew that celebrating the New Year could be so much fun!

In 2010 I learned more about who I am,
The year was very busy indeed,
But 2011 is another year with a new plan,
I promise to try hard, and I think my friends will agree.


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