Poem:- The Best We Ever Had

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This poem is dedicated to one of the best teachers ever. She was the most amazing primary school teacher ever. She was more than just a teacher, but a friend and inspiration to everyone. This is for my year four teacher, Miss Moses. Miss, you were, and still are, one heck of a legend. You’ll never be forgotten.

(The video I added was the song she always sang. She even used to dance on her desk whilst singing to it)

On dull and grey days,
You would always bring in light,
Whenever there was something wrong,
You’d do your best to make it right

You’ve made us laugh no end of times,
Stood by us through thick and thin,
You greeted your pupils’ everyday,
With your bright and cheery grin

Leaving us so soon, Miss,
We couldn’t help but shed a tear,
But then we share memories of you,
That makes us smile from ear to ear

You were such an outgoing person,
Caring, funny and mad,
But I think that you should know, Miss,
You were the best we ever had.



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