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So this is it, my (potentially) last article for WICID.tv. For those who write for the site or read the articles, WICID is for 11-25 year olds, and on the 1st
June 2019, I will officially turn twenty six years old, OFFICIALLY making me… OLD!

But before I ride off into the sunset and begin claiming my pension, I will end things with one last hurrah. Or POTENTIALLY last but one, as I did manage to get a pair of tickets to the upcoming NXT UK Takeover Cardiff show at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff on August 31st.

So there’s MAY be one FINAL final article off me early September.

But there’s no time to get soppy, it is time to be the very best, like no one ever was! (Yeah you didn’t see me including that line in this
article somehow).

I recently went to see the recent live-action 3D animated hybrid box office hit, Detective Pikachu, and honestly going into it, I wasn’t sure what to make. I mean it IS a big time movie based on a video game franchise, and judging by the trend of video game movies always being downright dreadful to mediocre at best, my expectations weren’t too high.

However leading up to the official release date, my initial scepticism of the art style and overall premise lessened as more promotional videos were released showcasing the direction it was going, and of course, Ryan Reynolds as the titular electric mouse Pokémon.

I’ll just come out and say it… Detective Pikachu is by far
the best video game based movie I have ever seen. Though to be fair that isn’t exactly saying much. Just know it was a surprisingly good feature that was well worth watching. There is just a lot to like about this film, even if you aren’t a Pokéaniac like yours truly. Though if you are also, then this is
DEFINITELY the film for you.

The plot itself is loosely based on the video game of the same name and takes a few aspects of the setting from said game while also changing some aspects. Examples being Tim Goodman, portrayed by Justice Smith in the film, going from an eighteen year old in game to a twenty-old year old
insurance salesman, both whom end up getting into an investigation to look for the disappearance of their father alongside the Deadpool voiced Poké-mascot.

There’s also the fate of father Harry Goodman being resolved in the film’s
conclusion but is merely implied in the game’s conclusion. However there are other changes, but you can read up about that on your own time OR go watch the film, you won’t be disappointed.

But yeah the overall plot was very simple in premise but it was handled well enough for all ages to follow along. Nothing seemed over complicated, and some of the twists and reveals were handled well, even if some points seemed expected. The setting and the overall style of the movie was unbelievable. The ultra-realistic style of the creatures seemed to work very well in a real world setting.

But at least the designs didn’t look atrocious enough to be panned
immediately and then have the directors be forced to make redesigns to anything *COUGH COUGH* Sonic the Hedgehog *COUGH*.

The best part of the feature honestly to me was the dialogue/writing
of the film. I had many laughs during the exchanges between Reynolds and Smith’s characters as well as how they interacted with the other cast and Pokémon. Even during some of the heavier moments, it was done in an unexpected heart-clutching way.

Though I will say it is still bizarre even now hearing the
top mascot of Pokémon yelling out the Lord’s name in vain as well as ‘H E
double hockey sticks.’

To say this feature had a few Easter eggs to the Pokémon franchise as a whole would be a complete understatement. There are MANY ties to the different properties, such as different regions from the different main series instalments in posters, jabs at the still running anime series and mobile phenomenon Pokémon Go! Heck, they even basically tied in some of the ‘canon’ anime/movies during some of the main aspects of the plot as well as including references to long running Poké-theories by fans.

Look up the Ditto-Mew theory and you’ll know what I mean.

Though take ‘canon’ with a grain of salt, but it’s stuff like this that shows they put in so much care into making the world feel even more fleshed out than it has any right of being.

Overall there’s no much else to say other than it was genuinely a fun time and worth going to see. Chances are it will be ending in the cinemas by the time this review is released, but when it comes out on Blu-Ray or what
LEGAL means you have of getting access to it, go out of your way to watch it.

Despite the rocky-road that WICID has been on over the last few years and the bit of in-activity from older days, this website will always hold a special place in my heart. It gave me a chance to talk about aspects of my life that I hold near and dear to my heart. It gave me the chance to improve my writing abilities and learn other skills such as taking digital photography classes, video recording and interviewing skills. To gave me the chances to make mistakes (BOY WERE THERE MASSIVE MISTAKES IN THE EARLIER YEARS) and learn from them over time.

WICID gave me the chance to meet others during editorial meetings who wanted the same thing as me. Having worked with WICID for 8+ years, it’s a time of my life I will never forget.

If for some reason you want to keep up to date with anything
that I will be doing in the future, you can follow all my social below!
Facebook page, Twitter, and even my blog. I may talk about similar topics that I have talked about on this site, my professional wrestling training journey, mental health awareness, one-off reviews of films/video games/TV-web shows, stuff like that.

It’s been real everyone, here’s to the new generation. Here’s
hoping WICID carries on to bigger and better things!

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