Ponies and mud, but not in that order!

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I am really, really, really unsure if I have posted these before, so I am doing it again. There. I have got it off my chest and I feel better. These posts are about the activities we did over Easter. Yes, I know all of the chocolate has been eaten (or melted!) and that holiday is only a memory, but I was busy with Uni essays and admin for work (sniffno one caressniff) and other stuff, and then I got all confused and everything. And That is Not Good. Waggawaggawoowoo!!!!

Anyhoo, this posting, um, ah, yes. I remember now. (I think!)

It was 21st of April, on a hot sunny day…

We went Dingles Scrambling and Pony Trekkingonly I did not do the former activity, but I did the latter. It took place on Thursday 21st April and I took photos as young people and detached youth workers got all wet, muddy and crawled through pipes (not in that order). Why did I not do this activity? The thought of me getting stuck in a pipe and someone kicking me up the, uh, posterior to get me out did not fill me with great confidence. So I took photos, stood there and gave out lots of encouragement by laughing loudly

I did go Pony trekkingwhy are the horses I am on seemingly built for giants? I do not like heights for crying out loud! I do not think Winston (the horse!) was too thrilled either so at least we were in agreement with something!

The young people were fabulousand they really enjoyed the day. Some of them had not gone horse riding before, and they want to go again! So thank you to the young people for making the day so fab!!


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