Ponty High’s gardening gang lend a hand

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Over the last few weeks I’ve been helping out at Cilfynydd Primary School. A gang of us called the “Gardening Gang” went with Mrs Davies, Youth Coach, to help set up a fruit and veg area in the yard. We painted tyres so they could plant flowers in them. Me and Aaron shovelled and wheelbarrowed a huge pile of compost which was used to fill the tyres.We had to put some in a rock garden ready for the children of Cilfynydd Primary to plant flowers in.

We painted the wall in the yard. We planted flowers in the hanging baskets, tyres, planters and pots.We have designed some pictures of Humpty Dumpty which is going to be painted on the wall .
I’ve really enjoyed helping on this project. It was nice to go back to my old primary and see all the teachers.

By Jason Rees-Pontypridd High School


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