Pontypridd Rock School Gig

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Hello guys, it’s me again. Well, when I say again I mean for the second time.
I am here to review the Pontypridd rock school gig.

I first heard about it this gig in assembly in my school, where the tutors came in and played two songs. The cranberries: zombie, and guns and roses: sweet child of mine. So I decided to do it and get involved.

Me and my band got together and practiced for the week, during which time we had a few problems. Three people left, so our bassist became a singer, we borrowed another singer for one song, and our tutor sang another. I stayed as a guitarist, and the drummer stayed the same.

At the gig, we opened and played: Paranoid by Black Sabbath. I love rock and roll as covers, we also played our original son: Wasteland. Each band had a DJ after they played, then another band, so on.

All around it was great, a real taste of what it’s like to be in a band.
By that i mean it was hard, stressful, dramatic, but all round fun.

In the next gig, me and my new band (only <?xml:namespace prefix =” st1″ />Bethany stayed, new guitarist, two drummers and another singer) are gonna play an original, and two covers. The covers are: Lost Prophets – Rooftops, and Kiss – Wanna rock and roll. We haven’t written the original yet.

Thank you for reading people!

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