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I love to dance. I think it’s very enjoyable.

Outside of school every Thursday, I go to a dance club (well it’s drama) at Pontypridd Youth Theatre.

They do some shows in the Muni. I’ve been there for about six years, and it’s awesome.

I’ve been in pantomimes such as Cinderella (I was the Fairy Godmother), and a lot more.

You can be any age between 7-16 years-old. You have to pay term fees of £50, which includes shows and being taught various skills. We meet in the historical centre in Pontypridd from 5pm-7:15pm.

After you’ve passed the age of 16, you may enter the adult company, were they do exactly the same, but more advanced. Their rehearsals are held in the same place, Thursday 7:15pm-9pm. They have three separate teachers, to teach drama, dancing, and singing.

Our dance choreographer is Rachel, she teaches us different styles of dance, such as R&B, hip hop and samba. Our vocal director is Tim, he teaches us different breathing techniques, and how to sing to scale. Our drama choreographer is Carla, she helps us with our stage presence and how to act in a certain way.

If you’re interested in joining, just come along!

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