Ponty’s Big Weekend- Saturday 21st July

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I’m pretty sure that the majority of you attended this event as- according to Ladies Love a Superhero- over ten to fifteen thousand of you turned up. But, if you didn’t, or just want to know what happened from my point of view, then read on folks, as I’m about to share my side of the story of the well known event that is Ponty’s Big Weekend.

So, I had tickets to go to the event thanks to the wonderful website that is Wicid. welshboy199 and I queued for about 15 minutes to get into the venue, where we battled our way through the crowds (after getting ourselves a pizza and some drinks).  Not impressed by the prices, but I suppose it’s always expensive at events like these.  We ended up standing at about fifteen rows from the front. Then again, they weren’t exactly rows. It was jumbled up, but still. 

First act that was on was John Adams, a previous contestant in The X Factor. I couldn’t hear him all that well and he had already started the first song by the time we had got there, but by the time we battled our way towards the front, I could hear him much better and his version of Cannonball was great and the crowd all sang along.

Following Mr John Adams was local band, Ladies Love a Superhero. I’ve heard these guys a good few times now and they never fail to entertain me – both music and comedy wise! They sang a few new songs and of course, did their awesome cover of Wheatus’ Teenage Dirtbag and once again asked the audience to do their “best Justin Bieber impressions” for the female vocals, which got the crowd laughing. I think that these boys will go far and especially now that they have supported someone as big as Olly Murs, I have no doubt that their fan base has grown within a few hours. 

Next up was another Welsh resident who had made it into the X Factor finals of 2009 and even landed herself a role in Les Miserables alongside creep heartthrob, Nick Jonas. That’s right, next on stage was the lovely Lucy Jones. The first song she sang, Sweet Child O’Mine, went really well, but halfway through the second song, technical difficulties took place, which caused the music to cut off. She stopped singing and ended up having to stall for about 15 minutes. The poor girl felt so awkward (considering she said “hashtag [referring to Twitter] awkward!”) but sang happy birthday to a member of the audience and had us singing along to various songs without music such as Ed Sheeran’s Lego House and Justin Bieber’s Baby. Yes, I did sing along, which is hard to believe. I felt sorry for her okay? And I only did the “Yo. Ah Ha” back in vocals since that’s all I really knew, truth be told. When the music began to play again, she began to sing a medley of Katy Perry songs which was brilliant and all the audience sang along. And everyone cheered when she sang the line “I know a place where the grass is really greener” followed by her muttering “which is called Ponty”. 

With an embarrassed but brave Lucy exiting the stage, Captial FM announced that there was a break, which was then followed by Alex Jones. I couldn’t really hear him singing due to the fact that there were three girls screaming, which tells me that he’s very well known. Or they just had a major crush on him, I can’t quite tell.

Up next were Lillygreen and Maguire. I had never heard of them before but their music was great especially since it was an acoustic set. The crowd fell in love with them.

Following Lillygreen and Maguire was Angel, who again, I had not heard of. His DJ came on stage first to “warm us up” before introducing us to Angel himself. He was a great performer who had the crowd literally jumping and was a great entertainer and support act for Olly. Not only does Angel sing and write his own songs, but he writes for celebrities such as JLS and Cheryl Cole.

The next performer to come on stage to entertain us was another X Factor finalist, Miss Diana Vickers. Her voice is much more amazing than I remember from seeing her on the hit TV show a few years back and everyone seemed to love her as much as she loved us. Which, by the way, was a lot according to her. She sang a few songs from her new album and if you enjoyed her on TXF, I highly recommend you buy the album once has been released. She’s more grown up and her voice has seemed to have got much stronger and just better than before.

With one more act before the big headliner, there was another short break before Cover Drive hit the stage and sang some songs from their album, Bajan Style. They had a great summer vibe throughout all of their act and lead singer, 20-year-old Amanda, has a great pair of lungs on her because she really belted those songs out and hit every note. She has a voice that most girls would kill for. 

Finally, it came. The moment that everyone had been waiting for. Mr Olly Murs. He started off with my personal favourite, Dance With Me Tonight. I couldn’t help but sing along with HIM and the thousands of people in the sea of crowds who had gathered to listen to the wonderful voice that escaped Olly’s mouth.  I won’t go into detail about each song, etc. but I will tell you this now that dude can perform. He has the voice of an angel, he can bust some awesome moves and he can connect really well with the audience. I have always liked him, but I wasn’t a massive fan. Until I saw him live. He is such a fab entertainer and I enjoyed myself so much more than I expected. 

During Olly’s final song, Heart Skips A Beat, I bumped into none other than Wicid’s very own Wicid Nan! at first, she was leaning on her walking stick, but as soon as Olly began to sing, she seemed to have forgotten all about her aches and pains and began to jump along to the music. It must be true when they say music is the best medicine. Or was that laughter? Oh well, people say music helps you, anyway. She said that she “had a wonderful time” and if she “were just a few years younger, we would be talking to the furture Mrs Olly Murs.” Well, they don’t call her the Wicid nan for no reason!

Overall, the event was brilliant and I enjoyed every minute of it! I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Wicid for letting me attend the event, Orchard and RCT Events for organising such a brilliant event and to all the amazing acts who performed. 

I would also like to say a big get well soon to Jessie J who had to cancel her performance at the Friday night of PBW and that it wasn’t her fault that she is really ill so people should lay off the woman. She took to her Twitter to apologise to her fans and she was actually willing to perform until the doctor strongly advised her not to as she was in desperate need of rest and recovery. Get well soon, Jessie!

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    @Wicid Nan, it was great seeing you there! I’m going to download his album onto my iPhone as soon as I have more money on my iTunes account- will have to teach you all of that someday- I’m sure one of us editorial members can get you up to speed!

  2. MissPennArcade says:

    Hello Cyrus, how are things, everything you say sounds very complicated to me……….I TUNES…………..I PHONES……………………..

    But if i am going to start getting a little more with the times i will have to get some training. Perhaps i will go to the library and see what Lauren Bibli says, she sounds pretty cool.

    speak soon Nan

  3. Ollys_Direction says:

    Hey Craig, Wicid Nan’s comment is on Karen’s account x

  4. Ollys_Direction says:

    @Wicid Nan it’s easy once you get used to it! If I can teach my own gran to use them, I’m sure you will catch on,too!

    Yeah, you should definitely ask Lauren.She’s lovely and she also has a lot of Apple products (Apple is the name of the company which make them). Or you could go to the Apple shop in Cardiff and they will teach you everything!

    Let me know how you get on! xx

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