Pony Trekking

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Ferndale detached youth workers ran a pony trekking trip to Caerphilly stables (Groeswen) in the afternoon of the sunny Wednesday of Whitsun. For some of the young people it was their first time on a pony, and they were a bit nervous. Of course me and Allyn also went on ponies, and I had a big one…which I proceeded to fall off as the saddle slipped. It was the first time I had fallen off a pony whilst on a youth trip! Of course there was only one thing to do and I got back on the pony straight after! Luckily no one laughed until later when everyone found it hilarious!!!!!

Unfortunately, I have no photos of the fall…but I do have one of the young people filling in their evaluation forms. Health and safety prevented anyone from taking phones or cameras on the ponies with them in case they fell off (ahem).


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