Porth County Community School Year 8’s Thoughts On Social Media

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Wicid recently went into Porth County Community School as part of the regular workshops that Wicid undertake throughout Rhondda Cynon Taff. Year 8 of Porth County were the year that Wicid worked with and the theme was social media and social networking. In the workshops, each group was given a tutorial of Wicid and how the groups could get involved, which led into creative writing sessions on Year 8’s thoughts on how social media and social networking has affected them and what their thoughts were on the two. The results were varied and interesting and the session opened up a can of worms because Year 8 realised social media and social neworking isn’t as safe as it’s portrayed to be.

Here’s a selection of their thoughts:

“Yes, I agree that having Facebook and social network sites help you develop socially because they help you communicate with people more and, also, it’s easy and costs cheaper. You’re able to talk to your family that lives far away, but Facebook and other social networks can be bad because there could be a bad person on there asking you to meet up – something which you should never do. So, in that aspect, social networks can be good and bad.”

“I agree that you should have social networking sites like Facebook, Skype and Twitter because they help get your confidence up and you can message anyone for free, but on the other hand it can be a problem because someone can hack your account and this could create arguments between family and friends.”

“I feel safe on Facebook because I have friends on there but, the thing is, I’m more talkative on Facebook than I am in person. It’s because people feel more confident talking on social networks because other people can’t physically see you.”

“No, I don’t feel safe while using social media because random people could be talking to you and they could see where you live. I do think, though, that social media helps you socialse because you add friends and talk to them.”

“We do feel safe on the internet because on sites like Facebook we know the people we add as friends, also we wouldn’t say something to someone via the internet and not have the guts to say it in person.”

“I feel safe when using social media because I’ve changed my privacy settings to private. My parents are also very supportive and they check my Facebook to make sure I’m not getting bullied or bullying anyone else.”

“I don’t know if social media is safe because I’ve never used it and no-one’s really talked to me about it. I don’t think that social media helps you socialise because you can’t say as much online as you can face-to-face.”

“I agree that social media sites help develop social skills because some people are shy and quiet so it’s easier for them to chat by typing online. This way others can see they’re a nice person and they’ll get more friends.”

“We do feel safe using social media sites because we have the correct privacy settings and only talk to people we know. We also write what we would say face-to-face. However, we don’t feel Ask.fm is safe because people aks personal questions and sometimes results in cyber bullying.”

So, that’s Year 8’s thoughts on social media and social networking. What are yours?

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