Possible English Football B-League Coming Soon?

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Do you like watchingthe Premier League each weekend? Would you like to see some of the less-knownclubs play some of the top-flight clubs regularly every weekend? Well if youdo, then you might just be in luck. Football League officials met up last week in Portugalfor their annual meeting, with the ‘B-League Plan’ being top of the topicagenda.

It’s been speculatedfor months that a ‘B-League’ could be created within the British footballleagues, but nothing is confirmed as ofyet and there’s been no official statement made by FIFA officials.

There are going to bedifferent rules in the new possible league compared to the other Britishleagues like the Premiership and Championship. Many of the new rules are thingsthat many people have complained about. Some of these new rules are:

  • 10 Premier League teams and 10 Conference teams will take part making it a 20-team league
  • Each team will consist of 25 players; 20 of those players MUST be home-grown (British born)
  • There shall be no Non-Eu players allowed in any team
  • 19 of the 25 players in each team MUST be under the age of 21

 There are a lot ofadvantages and disadvantages to the decision of creating a ‘B-League’ in theBritish football league. I will outline some of them for you now:


  • There will be more chances for U21’s to play professional football in a top league
  • There will be a lot more British home grown players in the teams
  • They’re mixing 10 teams form the top and bottom league using the youth system as a second team in the new league


  • With therebeing no Non-Eu players allowed, we will miss out on those spectacularinternational players’ skills
  • There won’tbe as many spectators watching the games weekly
  • Once theplayers reach the age of 21, and their team already has 6 players aged 21 andover then they may not be able to get another game

In my personal opinion,and looking at both the advantages and disadvantages, being a massivefootball fan I think this will be a brilliant idea and I hope they domake a ‘B-League’ in the upcoming years. I think this because many youngaspiring footballers will have more of a chance to play top flight football.

What’s your opinion onthe possible new ‘B-League’? Would you go and watch a match? Would youbuy a season ticket?

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1 thought on “Possible English Football B-League Coming Soon?”

  1. Kyrairis11 says:

    I’m a fan of Ice Hockey and the rule about only certain number of international players is present in the elite league this works as your growing the british talent. Yeah they’re not the best players on the team, but they certainly improving their own game and the british because they are having game time.
    I hate the teams like arsenal and Man city which just buy the players in, much rather support a british team doing not so good.
    If it’s close like cardiff city involved I may go to games, I love football but disagree with the prices and how football has changed. Seeing fresh british talent is something that I am interested in.

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