Princess and friends

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A long time ago in a world faraway there was a princess called Alice. With her friends called Danni, Emerald, Marylou, Nichola and Harriet.

This is what they are Marylou is a pixie, Emerald is a troll, Nichola is a water spirit, Harriet is a mermaid and Danni is a dragon and they were my friends.

A few years later a war broke out it was the worst war ever. My friends and I were sent to a world called earth and the girls were reborn without their memories. The princess was born with some of memories I have to seek out my friends. On earth the princess name was called Alice. She was bullied all her life. When Alice went to school she met Emerald, Danni, Marylou and Nichola.

A few days later when I ran into Danni in the park she was being chased by troll. My pearl bracelet was vibrating and I realised Danni was the dragon guardian. I ran over to her to give her some help against the troll. I said “Danni here this is a potion it will give back your memories”. What are you going on about? You are a dragon guardian and I am the princess Alice. I am here to give you your memories about your old life. I will tell you more later on but we have to kick the trolls butt. Ok but you better tell me everything! After the fight Danni and I had a chat, Danni understood what I was talking about. Danni was being my friend again like in the war in the other world. When we get to school she said “I can make things fly with my powers”0.

Later on “Marylou said that she was saw a prince in her dreams”. She said “the prince said you are a pixie guardian”. Danni this means that Marylou is one of us. Danni and I grabbed Marylou and we put a potion down Marylou throat. Marylou said “what are you doing to me Marylou?” You better remember about the past and if you don’t remember we have wasted a potion. Marylou said “Princess Alice it is you” two times. Marylou you have caused me a lot of trouble and I am glad you are safe from smelly goblin. The next day Emerald try to eat Marylou because trolls eat pixie for dinner, I realised that Emerald is the troll guardian. Me and Danni, Marylou fallowed Emerald around the school. Marylou disobeyed orders by hugging Emerald before we used the potion. “Emerald I am the princess Alice and you are troll guardian and you are part of my council on earth”. I am called Alice and Emerald said she knew I was the princess and she knew that Marylou was a pixies and Danni was a dragon. I asked her if she wants to be a guardian. She said “yes, yes”. We became friends.

A few days later I met Nichola, she was a nice girl and she said I know you are the princess Alice she said “what are you talking about?” “Don’t play games with me I am a guardian too” said Nichola. “What are you on about? Have a look at the pearl bracelet” said Alice. She is right it is vibrating. You are the water spirit. Why are you on planet earth? I was in a war in the world, if you take is potion, you will get your memories back and I am sorry about calling your bluff.

A few day later Danni , Marylou, Emerald, Nichola and I went to the seaside. Marylou went in the sea and realised she can’t swim! Nichola and I got Marylou out of the water and I taught her to swim. Later on I went in the water and to my surprise I became a mermaid!  The girls look like a lot of cats to me and to my surprise they had a mermaid tail. Danni had a red tail, Marylou had a pick tail, Emerald had a yellow tail, Nichola had a green tail and I had a rainbow tail. Me and the girls were mermaids. I swam in the water to a cave it had blue gems and pearls in there. I ran into Harriet and realised she was a mermaid guardian. I gave her the potion and she said ”Princess Alice why are you in the cave princess”. “I am on a trip at the seaside” Alice said. I think it is strange that we are all in the same school.

The next day the girls and I went to our homes and the first this we would do, would be to have a bath, so we all feel like mermaids again.


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