Promoting an Event Through Wicid

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If you are organising an event and want to promote it there are many ways you can use Wicid to raise the profile of your event, by combining all of the different types of content.  It’s a great way of letting people know what’s going on in your area!

  • Add your event to the events page through your ‘My Wicid’ control centre.
  • Choose whether it’s a one-off event, an event over multiple days, or a regular event.
  • Tag it! – Tagging your event allows you to associate your event with different categories. It will help people find events by searching under a certain category. For instance if you’re trying to promote a drama production you would use the tags ‘theatre’ and ‘stage’. You can add up to five tags. There is an events directory on Wicid, so people searching under ‘theatre’ or ‘stage’ will find this event.
  • Add a flyer to your event.
  • Write a news article about your event and link to the event listing, this will give you an opportunity to put it in two places on the site and make sure people see it as well as telling them more about the event.


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