Quad biking and archery on 25th July

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Heeeeeeeeeeeeelloooooo everybody!!!!!!

14 young people from Tylorstown will be quad biking and doing a bit of archery on the 25th July, which is a Sunday. The reason for this date is because a young person has supported us with filling in trip and activity forms, arranging who is going, picking the dates and times, and what activities his friends were interested in.

For all of you who are going, you all owe this particular young person a huge thanks…he has worked hard with us to get this trip up and running.

I will be posting an update on how this trip goes, along with photos, after the event.

If any of you fab young peeps are interested in supporting us detached youth workers to plan, run and organise trips, or even if you have ANY ideas where you want to go and what you want to do when you are there, then get in contact….a suggestion has been a visit to the Apple Store in Cardiff to complete activities and projects there (and to play on their new, shiny ipads at the same time!)

C’mon peepses….you have ideas, I know you do….


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