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Yn Gymraeg

Hiya everyone, it’s the long lost and hopefully cared about RadicalRhys here, trying to start something up that I hope to stick to every time that something in my life makes me want to punch a hole through a wall, cause if I actually do that, I’d more than likely break my hand.

Basically what I’m going to do is rant and rave to an extent about serious issues that are happening in my life, and reflect them to real life situations for not just me, but most people in the world, and see if they agree with me or not about them.

So where should I begin? Alright, I might as well start by saying I’m a first year student in university (not saying which for the purpose of the rant) who, in all honesty, has not had a day of work in my life, well except for three days in Careers Wales in Aberdare, but that was in year 10 and all I did was make posters on the computer, so I don’t think that really counts these days.

Anyway, recently there have been job applications going on at my students’ union for part-time work there for six different positions: shop assistant, cashier, receptionist, steward, bar staff and cleaners.

So I’m thinking, “Oh, these look tidy enough, I might as well try out for a few, see what I can get out of it”, so I have blank application forms from the SU and fill them in, mostly for the roles on shop, bar, cashier and cleaner, cause I can’t speak Welsh as I need to for a receptionist. And me? A steward? Don’t make me LOL, I can’t protect myself from a moth in the kitchen let alone drunken idiots on a night out.

So yeah, I filled those applications in, handed them to reception and I wait for a few weeks. Then, during this week I get a reply from one of the offers, but to my displeasure it’s a decline from the shop, not even getting an interview. I’m thinking, “I was an assistant for work experience, so why not an interview?” But of course that wasn’t proper work experience so I let that slide, I had three more job offers, right?

Well you can guess how those turned out, as the next decline was from the cashier app with no interview, but I wasn’t bothered about that since I had a gut feeling I wouldn’t have liked it, but hey, work experience is work experience right? The next day I get another interviewless decline from the bar staff job which upset me a little because even though I cannot stand crowds I would have loved to work at a bar, just to say I had, you know?

By this point I’m thinking, ‘surely the job app to be a cleaner doesn’t need an interview, how hard can it be to clean something up off the floor?’ Well, very, apparently, because my final job application got declined, with NO INTERVIEW! And this is why I was fed up. I mean I can truly understand failing the shop, cashier and bar positions because you may need people with past experience in those roles, because those are quite tiring jobs in my uni. But not to get an interviewTO BE A CLEANER?

I was truly baffled by this, I mean, does my uni really need experienced people to hold a bottle of bleach? What did they think I was going to do, drink it? Dye my hair with it? Well probably not, because me with bleached hair would be a terrible sight I’m sure, I much prefer having jet black hair now thank you very much. Maybe it’s just my uni being unfair to people with disabilities or something, I don’t know, but then this got me thinking further about the whole thingdo they really need experienced people working for them?

I mean, think about it, these jobs are from the actual university, a place where you are expected to learn these new skills to help yourself get to a better place in life after education. That is also what school and college is for, basically any type of education is for this purpose, to get the best possible jobs you can get in your life. I would have thought they may have got themselves a small number of experienced workers with many more fresh faces, give them the experience and then move on in their everyday lives in the big, bad place known as planet Earth. But no, not my uni, and I don’t expect any other universities do the same thing either.

This is more than probable because it takes time to train these new people, and some people may have trouble getting used to it all in one go, like me for example. I probably would have broken a bottle of vodka on my first day as a barman if I got that position knowing me. But the other reason, and the main reason, honestly, what is it? That’s it, it costs money.

It’s all about the money. It costs so much to train people who may not get it first time, and unis don’t want to do that. No one does. Especially jobs in the real world, I mean, they might end up losing their business through workers who couldn’t give a care around their training and brushed it off like they didn’t need it. But this made me think of an even bigger issue than my uni: the current state of the economy in our country.

This is most likely what most of the jobs in Britain do as well, they employ the more experienced people over those who actually need the job more than them, just because they have more skills. I mean sure, that is how it usually is and should be in most cases. But really, they may be businesses who have enough money not to lose profit on training new staff, and if they did this they may get more profit from this training since that newly trained employee may be brilliant at his/her job and make more money for the business, especially if it’s like a chippy or someplace simple. But will they really? No!

They would just rather keep their money where it is and get the more experienced employees in, which is beyond unfair to those who could benefit from the experience of working in these places over people who may be experienced in the job, but may not even need it as much, or even care for it.

But then I’m thinking now, these jobs hiring all these people with experience, this leaves all those without a job on the unemployment line, right? But you know what happens to every single person on the planet who ends up working full-time, or should be working full-time. You know what they have to do, they have to pay towards something that makes all of their wallets feel sad and that, is a little something called ‘tax’. But what about the people who don’t have enough money to pay tax because they haven’t got that job that they have been declined?

Well it’s something of a domino effect, since the Welsh Government don’t get the money they need to help pay towards any of the most essential businesses that need the money we pay tax towards, you know like hospitals, transport services, social services, education, security around the community.  Hang on, what was that I just said? Oh that’s right, EDUCATION!

See, the same people who decide to turn those inexperienced students down for those more experienced are costing that very university the money they need to possibly keep themselves afloat in the country.

Maybe they want to help renovate the halls of residence to make them that much more appealing to students who decide to live there, or maybe they want new vending machines around the campus in blocks, or maybe new books for their libraries but oh, wait, we don’t have the money to do that. And who should we blame for this? Not us, oh no you should blame yourselves.

So if you don’t want to lose, or rather gain the money you need to get the best possible outcome in your life, not just to universities, but to most or every business out there in the country, employ those who need the work. That way more people are paying tax, and then anything I just mentioned and more will be getting what they need to make things much better for that part of their economy.

Those without the experience will be able to say to future employers, “Hiya, I have done this in the past,” and those people will more than likely be impressed, sign that person on, get more money, and the cycles continues. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

So that’s it, rant finished. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to do try and apply for more part-time work in and around my Uni , I’m bound to get lucky eventually right?

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