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Uh ohwhat does the title of this article say? ‘Radical Rant’? You know what that means! Well, if you don’t then read this article first. But, for a quick summary of what that whole article was about, it was me basically ranting (as the title says) and raving about something; in that case, the current state of the job economy. Now while there are some things in the world that bring you down, there are times that you cannot take any more of it and need to let everything out because it’s all just too much for you, which is what I did with that article and everything involved within it.

But it looks like I’ll be doing that again, only this time, I’m angry with, well, everyone. And while this makes me seem pathetic, and in some cases I might be just that, I have reasons for blaming the human race for my anger, mostly because they don’t like what they see or hear when it involves me personally, and I’m sure at least someone reading this article may feel the same way. But for now, I’ll explain myself and why people dislike me for who I am.

So, erm, Hi! I’m Rhys, I’m currently 19 years old and I’m from the Cynon Valley in Wales. “WalesWales you say? Oh not just Wales, but from the Valleys isi? What, you like to watch a bit of Rugby do you? You ah, you like to stay in your FLOCKS? You like the taste of LAMB do you?!?” (By the way I didn’t mean for that to be an innuendo if anyone thought as much.) So that’s one thing to be angry at, all the stereotypes that people throw at me because of where I’m from, and I doubt it’ll get any better what with that new show on MTV. That of course is in reference to ‘The Valleys’ which is starting soon, but that’s a rant for another day, if it even turns out to be bad that is.

But yeah, they make fun of me being Welsh, but what if I told them I don’t like rugby? What if I said, “Nah butt, I’m more into wrestling.” I would get THAT LOOK from them, because apparently, “WRESTLING IS FOR LITTLE KIDS!!!” and “WRESTLING IS FAKE! IT’S NOT A REAL SPORT! IT’S NOT EVEN A SPORT!!” and of course they usually refer to the current mainstream product and not knowing that there are other wrestling promotions out in the world, and nor will they look since people can be ignorant like that. But then I could argue to them saying, “Well what makes rugby or football better? How is MMA different? Both. for the most part. also involve grown burly men grabbing each other and kicking balls!” (Right no more of that, think of the children) They also say similar things to my other interests and opinions, like saying my favourite film of all time is The Lion King (as should have been explained about before), still playing games that people think of as ‘childish’, and preferring computer game music to what we are getting in the charts now.

What they may also seem to shy away from I reckon, is people with disabilities, whether it be physical or mental, particular mental in my case since I myself am diagnosed with having Asperger’s Syndrome, which is basically a form of Autism that makes me socially awkward when it’s not even my fault. And while people can CLAIM to understand and such, they seem to back away from you and stick to people who are more boisterous andFUN! And it’s like when I’m there, I’m either completely ignored or worst case scenario, I’m not even invited! Do they not know that I have emotions just like everyone else? Well maybe some do, but most don’t since they only care about being in the IT crowd and about themselves.

Saying all of this can lead to many more levels of berating, but one issue really wound me up to the point of writing this article in the first place, and that’s where I see myself in the next few years. You see people; I am just about to start my second year in Aberystwyth University as a Computer Science student in a Computer Graphics course, which mostly involves programming and some levels of web development. But is this what I see myself doing in the next few years after I finish my course? Of course not, in fact I look to re-apply to a foundation course in Art & Design for a year after, which can hopefully get me into a degree in 2D and/or 3D Animation. But of course people in my course will think I should deserve to be there because I didn’t get well enough grades in A-Levels to be in the Foundation course anyway. Give the place to someone who enjoys programming and wants to do this for life. But what, am I forever supposed to be a programmer for the rest of my life? Do I not deserve a second chance to make up for my mistakes?

But that is only one of two main paths I wish to take in life, for you see, since I was 17 years old I have been interested in the idea of voice over work, or Voice Acting if you will. I even bought books and tried out for a few projects during my spare time, and even now I still do this with the same mind-set, well exactly not entirely the same, for as of late, I have thought of the possibility of being a professional Voice Actor like those who have been in most of my favourite childhood shows and computer games. But while I am ‘trying’ to follow my dreams, there will always be people there to bring me to their version of reality, but is it just society? Oh no, for you see, the biggest haters of this choice are my so called ‘loved ones’, since they say the most hateful of all things to say to me about my goals. “You can’t do it. YOU WON’T DO IT!” and even if they say I can just to shut me up, I know in the back of my mind they still think the same of me, wanting me to stick to what I am doing now and not what I want to do with my life.

All of this anger seems to only push me away from my ambitions and sometimes make me afraid of who I really am, as I am sure many, not just in the country, but in the world would feel. But we shouldn’t be like this, we don’t need to be cross with those who label me, I need to prove to them, and to ourselves, that we can do whatever we want to and be who we want to be.

“Hah, you’re Welsh!” – “Yeah, and I’m proud of it!”

“Ugh, you still watch Wrestling?” – “So what if I do? I’ll stand by it through the good and the bad!”

“You still watch and play all crappy kids stuff like Disney, Pokemon and anything childish? When will you grow up?!” – “Never, I’ll always be a kid at heart.”

“You can’t do it. YOU WON’T DO IT!” – “Watch me.”

So just remember, even though people can push you down for being different, you shouldn’t let them. Be true to yourself and proud of the person you are, because in my opinion, it’s better being different than wanting to be like everyone else. But a phrase I tend to use these days to reflect this is “Keeping It Real” or “Keep It Real” depending on who you are telling it to.

But that’s all I have to say about my rant now, feeling much better for letting this all out, and so will everyone else if they just stay true to who they are. Also for those on the Twitter and other social media stuff, make sure to use #KeepingItReal in your posts to show that you have no shame in being true to yourself.

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