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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

Editor’s Note: The opinions in this article are of an individual nature and are not necessarily that of Wicid and CLIConline.

I haven’t written an article for Wicid in a while, due to medical and personal issues and the fact that I’m getting ready to start my foundation course in September, but I recently found a reason to write one up. It has very much to do with what this site represents, yet it’s not exactly aimed at this site. Erm, I’ll explain that messed-up reason now.

So, for those who don’t know, I’m a member of the Wicid editorial team, and have been for well over two years now – more or less ever since this whole experience began. I’ve had so many wonderful opportunities given to me while being a part of this fantastic community, and I could not be more grateful. We make sure to spread the word of any events happening in the local area, we let young people have a place for their voice to be heard (like I am doing now), and we also introduce them to endless amounts of opportunities and trips for people between the ages of 11 and 25…or so you’d think.

Now, I recently turned 20 years old (and I already feel the effects after moving up in the double digits age group), and I’m looking to restart my life due to the personal and medical reasons that I briefly mentioned at the start of this article. Currently, my life aspirations include going to university to do an animation-related degree, followed by possible goals of being a voice actor (either as a hobby or profession), and possibly more live stuff such as news videos for gaming, anime, and fan-made content around the web, as well as other things linked with film work.

Now, sadly, I don’t have the right qualifications to do most of these. The foundation course will help me towards my main animation goal, but not with much else of the things I listed. However, a good part of this site and the official Wicid Facebook and Twitter accounts means that we manage to catch workshop events for things such as film-making, or small acting opportunities that anyone, no matter how much experience they may have, can take part in…for the right age group, of course.

“But, Rhys, you mentioned that anyone between 11 and 25 can have these opportunities, don’t go telling us fibs now!”

Well I am partially right, anyone between these ages can be a part of all these different opportunities, but some places that offer these chances may have additional age limits put in place. I won’t call anyone out due to secrecy and professionalism, but I will mention the ATRiuM campus in Cardiff had a workshop I was very much interested in, especially due to the fact that one of the two university degrees I wish to study right now are both based in that very building. However, there was an age limit of 16 and 19. If this was happening two months ago I wouldn’t have an issue, but as I mentioned, I recently turned 20 so I wasn’t be able to take part in this amazing-looking workshop experience. Also, at one of our recent editorial meetings (fancy attending one of these? Mention it on the Facebook page, we’d be glad for you to join us) a list of summer activities going on in one of the youth based centres was mentioned. However, there was also an age limit here of 11 to 19. There it is again, 19! That number seems to be haunting me since turning the big 2-0 a month back.

Forgive me if I sound bitter about all of this, and I truly understand that universities and youth centres have their reasons for having these age limits, but I’m curious as to how young a young person is classed as a young person these days. I mean sure, I’m somewhat of an adult, but I have a child’s mind, and a willingness to take a chance at all these opportunities to enhance my repertoire of skills (since I don’t have the right ones for my current career aspirations right now). Surely I’m not the only one of a similar or even older age that feels the same way? I recently left my previous university after one year and a half of studying due to reasons mentioned and the fact that I was in the wrong degree for what I wanted out of life. Because of this, I didn’t really have these opportunities during this time as I was living away from the Rhondda Cynon Taf area. Now I’m back, a little older than before, and suddenly these opportunities are closed off from me, and I think it’s fair to say that I’m just a little bit irritated by this (and it’s not just because of this weather either. Call me crazy, but I want it to bucket down for the next few weeks).

Well, to be honest I’m not sure what the real point of this article is, other than for me to spread my frustrations out in a place that may take note of my opinions and possibly do more to enhance the age limits of such events for people much like myself, who are interested in getting more out of life, but can’t because as semi-young people, we are not young enough. Again I must point out this is in no way the overall opinions of the Wicid website and this is of my own personal opinion, so if there may be any form of unnecessary backlash to be given, give it to me, ’cause Lord knows I need more of that in my life! (That was sarcasm in case you actually thought I love being given backlash.)

Well, hopefully I will be able to be in a better mindset next time I write an article, and hopefully I’ll be able to get some sleep after this awful weather goes away. (What, I’m the only one who hates this blistering heat? Well excuse me for being different, and weird…mostly weird). But for those equally weird people who love this weather, I hope you enjoy it and here’s a nice tip for every young person reading this article: hanging out with your friends and family is a great thing and I wish I did more of it at your age, but I believe that for a better chance in whatever field you want to head towards, if an opportunity is presented in front of you, don’t pass it by but take it, run with it, and repeat if another one shows up. I don’t regret the stuff I’ve done this far and I’m sure you won’t either.

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