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Yn Gymraeg

Gather round children, for it is circle time.

Today I will be sharing with you some of my personal views on religion.

I can already smell the disclaimer as it creeps across the top of my article, but it can stay there. [Erm, it’s at the bottom actually. Ahem! – ed]

These are my views, and I do not expect to persuade anyone that anything I say or believe is correct. In fact, consider this to be my own disclaimer.

I’m not trying to say any particular belief is wrong. I am merely stating what I believe is a valid point when considering philosophy and religion.

If you don’t agree, I encourage you to leave a comment. I haven’t had a religious debate in a very long time.

I’m guessing that 9/10 of you think that I’m atheist after saying that, right? Well yeah, I am. But the reason you assumed that I was is because I attempted to cover my a*se before going any further.

If I’d written an article from a very Christian point of view, you wouldn’t expect me to need a disclaimer would you? And why’s that? Chew on that for a while. I might readdress it later. Or not. Eh.

I have two friends. Actually, I have more than two, but for the purpose of this article the others can be described as redundant. Not to offend, if any of you are reading this. Darn my digression, I’ll try my best to stay on track.

Two friends. One of them is painfully atheist, the ignorant kind where any sort of faith in humanity is considered a weakness. The other is very much the opposite, a heavy duty Christian with a naive and unwavering faith, considering anything other than this to be a downfall.

The two continuously butt heads, as to be expected. The Christian has the awfully frustrating habit of thrusting religion down people’s throats, while the Atheist has the terribly ignorant habit of putting his hand down people’s throats to remove any faith that they might have. The two of them are fierce towards each other, like a present day Christ vs. Anti-Christ. Slight sacrilege there. I’m sure the afterlife will forgive me.

Now understand me, dear public. I told you of my two friends to show you that I am not completely one-sided. I will not stand here and tell you that everything about religion is what is wrong with the world. Neither will I tell you that it is the be all and end all, and that to dismiss religion is about as sensible as dismissing oxygen.

I acknowledge that for some, the world is a much nicer place when there is someone to have constant faith in. I understand that without the promise of reward after death, some people would rid themselves of all their morals and live without consequence.

Some people need the faith of God to get through the day, and a part of me used to envy the sweet ignorance that comes with believing that everything happens for a reason. More power to you, really. There’s no doubt that without religion some aspects of the world would crumble and havoc would run amok.

HOWEVER. (Acknowledge before you read on that I am an atheist who has that ability to see the good in people. You needn’t be religious to follow the general rules which should really define civilised society, and that is the policy I strongly stand by.) However. Religion is a fickle thing. There are so many rules and regulations that someone down the line is bound to read it wrong. And unfortunately, the whole concept of religion is based on speculation and assumption.

If I were to pretend that the Bible is actually the scribblings of some all-powerful deity for a second, then I would have come to the conclusion that the dude had a serious case of multiple-personality disorder. It just doesn’t make sense! No wonder religion causes so many problems.

I’d like to outline a few basic conclusions I’ve made here. Please don’t take offense, this is my opinion on religion and it isn’t really one that I think should be silenced.

God, the dictator. We are expected to follow His every command (regardless of how stupidly nonsensical they may be) or else we are doomed to a life of damnation. Well, an afterlife of damnation. The point stands. If one is to take a stand and say “I’m not doing that, who made you boss anyway?” then BAM, they’re on the hell list.

Or say, one was born a homosexual. Yes, born. A choice made by the ‘all-powerful’, not by themselves. Where do they get to go afterlife? That’s right, it’s hell. Not to mention the many, many contradictions within the Bible. If you were to accidentally cross them, thus deeming you a sinner, you better take your sunglasses ‘cause you’re off to hell too. Is it me or is it getting pretty full down there? 

Here’s the thing that really gets to me. There are so many decent Christians, or Muslims or Jews or Hindus or whatever religion you are, who abide by the rules as much as possible and live wonderful lives as a result. Then there is always one. Always one who spoils the bunch.

Much like the mouldy peach in the fruit bowl, the extremist sees something in the holy texts that nobody else does. He gets angry, and he and his mates decide to make the world a better place by violence and whatnot (let us not get into how many commandments and such are broken as a result).

He’s overlooked because no one would ever take him seriously. Most of those Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus and other religious people are lovely, and those lot are just nutters. The crazy have been swept under the carpet, and the elephant is rampaging around the room, breaking your favourite lamp.

It doesn’t take long for the nutters to manifest, to grow into a bunch of nutters. Then a crowd of nutters. And eventually of course, an angry mob of nutters with weapons of mass redemption. This here is the problem with religion. The nice ones who just live their lives aren’t doing anything wrong, but by accepting the extremists their passiveness has cost religion all its sanctity.

Do you get me? I’ve never been a lover of religion. I tried it once, but let’s just say I’m not one to respond well to authority. But nonetheless, I think that without religion the world wouldn’t work. We wouldn’t need an afterlife; we’d be living a hell on earth.

Religion is so important throughout the world that without it society would cease to exist as we know it. There will always be things to disagree on, and religion is not forever the problem. But it doesn’t help.

In conclusion guys, religion is one of those things you have to live with, for all the good and bad it has to offer. Ideally, the problems would be solved if people could have morals without religion, or have religion without competition. Then we can all live in a wonderful land of rainbows and happiness.

Okay, maybe not.

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5 thoughts on “Rant On Religion”

  1. Toriabeth! says:

    wow, great article, you have the same thoughts as me! but I like this article because it’s both frank and respectful at the same time! haha!

  2. Anonymous says:

    “The Christian has the awfully frustrating habit of thrusting religion down people’s throats, while the Atheist has the terribly ignorant habit of putting his hand down people’s throats to remove any faith that they might have.”

    Such a brilliant line! An excellent article!

  3. Ollys_Direction says:

    Ah, someone who share’s my opinion 😀 Love the article haha x

  4. BethanTheBarmy says:

    Now I can’t see the evidence of religion (obviously, considering what I’ve written…) but you must admit that it is quite amazing how the human race deals with the unknown. I think that being able to have faith is actually more brilliant than it is ignorant, and it shows me (in SOME cases, I hasten to add) that there are genuine human beings who believe in being good people.

    Even though in terms of religion a lot of people only do nice things to be rewarded after life… which makes it a barter rather than a good deed. Contradiction right there, but we needn’t go into that.

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys! And there I was fearing a Frankenstein-esque mob attack.

  5. Anonymous says:

    dirty has written a response to this article called “In Defence of Religion” over on CLIC and theSprout

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