RCT Detached: Emotion behind the Commotion

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“The Emotion behind the Commotion” is a workshop designed for young people to raise their awareness of how anti social behaviour can affect vulnerable people living in the community. <?xml:namespace prefix =” o” ns =” “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office”” />

The original idea came about from link meetings with Social Workers from Pontypridd Disability Team, Detached Youth Workers RCT and Rhydyfelin Neighbourhood Police Team as there is high number of service users and high number of anti social behaviour incidents in Rhydyfelin (Hawthorn cluster). It was identified that there was a need for young people to be aware of how their behaviour can affect others as we were all dealing with victims.

Planning sessions were held with Social Workers, Detached Youth Workers, GTRA (Glyntaff Residents and Tenants Association) and the police and a programme was put together for the workshop.

On Tuesday 25th October 2011, complimenting Operation Bang objectives, a pilot workshop was held at Ilan Community Centre. Ten local youths aged between 11 and 16 years old attended. The workshop lasted approximately three hours and included classic icebreakers, real life case studies and interaction with adults with disabilities.

The young people engaged well throughout the workshop and overall a positive response was emitted. Feedback from the young people included “I felt sad, upset” and “it makes me think differently how I would act towards disabled people again”.

The following evening, the young people were invited to <?xml:namespace prefix =” st1″ ns =” “urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags”” />FerndaleSkatePark for a two hour session of scootering! An enjoyable evening was had by all 🙂

Evaluations with all agencies have taken place since the pilot workshop and developments and improvements are currently being made to the overall presentation.

All agencies involved felt the workshop was a success and are excited to deliver many more sessions starting in January 2012.

The following people were involved in the planning and delivery of the workshop. More staff from both RCT and police attended to observe the workshop delivery and offer support on the day!

1. Clare Jenkins, Senior Social Worker, Pontypridd Disability Team, RCT

2. Kate Thomas, Social Worker, Pontypridd Disability Team, RCT

3. Stacey Oliver, RCT Detached Youth Work Team

4. Chris Tolliday, Social Inclusion and Development Officer, RCT

5. Janine Fletcher, GTRA (Glyntaff Residents and Tenants Association)

6. Jeff Roderick, Service User and Volunteer at Tonyrefail Day Centre

7. Juliet Payne, PCSO, Rhydyfelin Neighbourhood Police Team

8. Lisa Banfield, PCSO, Rhydyfelin Neighbourhood Police Team

This is a fantastic example of partnership working at its best working with the young people and community… Massive thank you and well done to all the young people that participated in the workshop and to the Partner agencies.



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