Red Bull Racing’s season so far. (Part one of four)

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Red Bull‘s season so far has been quite a confusing one. Everyone thought it was going to be another season dominated by the defending world champions but it certainly wasn’t. The first round at Australia showed Red Bull looking like second best to Mclaren. Vettel finished the the race in second place thanks to a safety car allowing him to pass Hamilton, and Webber finished 4th.

The second race of the season again showed Mclaren being the team to beat in qualifying. Red Bull not looking so quick here with Vettel qualifying in 5th behind team mate Mark Webber. The race told a different story, though. Red flagged because of extreme weather conditions. Vettel finishing in a very disappointing 11th place due to making contact with HRT’s Narain Karthikeyan and Webber managing to finish where he qualified.

The third round at China also proved to be a difficult weekend for Red Bull who still didn’t completely understand their car. Webber qualifying 6th and Vettel in a disappointing 11th place.The race, however, proved to be better for the team. Vettel coming up from 11th to finish 5th, 2.5 seconds behind his team mate in 4th place.

And the final section to the first part of my articles. The Bahrain Grand Prix. Red Bull looking like the team to beat for the first time this season. Vettel managed to pull out the perfect lap to take pole position ahead of Lewis Hamilton and then Mark Webber. The race told a different story for most people except Vettel. Kimi Raikkonen started to challenge Vettel in the final part of the race but Vettel pulled away and grabbed Red Bull’s first win of the season. Kimi finished 2nd from 11th place, his team mate Romain Grosjean (first lap nut-case) 3rd from 7th and Mark Webber 4th from 3rd. Red Bull’s best result at that point in time scoring 37 points out of a possible 43.

My next article will involve the Spanish Grand Prix, The Monaco Grand Prix, The Canadian Grand Prix and The European Grand Prix.


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