Remembrance: My Mothers Day Gift

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*Just a quick disclaimer for those who feel uncomfortable with facing the loss of a loved one on the usual Mother’s Day, since this article will more or less focus on that topic*

So, it seems it’s that time again, that time where we give celebrations and congratulations to that special woman who decided to push you out of her all those years ago in hopes of getting rid of you! Nah just kidding, she only pushed you out of her so she could hold you in her arms, and that special woman I am talking about, is the woman we all like to call ‘mother’. *Hears sounds of ‘Awws!’ and/or ‘Ewws!’ across the Wicid website*

Yes, this is the day is to celebrate what makes the woman that we call ‘mam’, ‘mom’, ‘friend’ and everything else you can think of, and shower her in gifts that show how much we truly appreciate their love, or maybe to show forgiveness if we recently had a little row from them. However I now turn from this happy mood to a slightly more depressing one, and I truly apologize about this to everyone who may not want to hear such things about this particular day.

I say apologies for being too depressing because I now question if we weren’t given the chance to give our mothers these gifts that show them that we love them so much. What if we can’t have the chance to give them a kiss on the cheek or a long hug of happiness when we are feeling upset?… What if they aren’t there anymore, or were never there to begin with? Such is the case with me in fact, as I now one have the chance to show my feelings towards this person we call ‘mother’ for I no longer have one. Not getting too much into it but on the 4th May 2009 my mother of the age of 48 passed away from a third battle with cancer, in this case it was Mild Bone Cancer which first started from an originally treated case of Breast Cancer, which of course didn’t quick go away and stuck around her arm in the form of a tumour, paralyzing it completely from that moment until the bone cancer hit, and yeah you know how it goes. And because of this, I no longer have someone to give hugs or kisses to, no one to tell how I done my my GCSEs and A-Levels, to tell about how I am getting on with my live in University and how I ACTUALLY got two firsts in a course that I’m truly struggling with, and not just on this particular day either, but for the rest of my life, for she is no longer around for me to tell her that, and this truly breaks my heart when I see people giving their mothers presents, reminding me that they’ve actually got mothers to be around, and I do not.

However with the years that have passed since that tragic day I have come to realise that there is one gift that I can still give her even though she is not physically on this earth, and that present is ‘Remembrance’. That is all that is ever really needed on this day in actuality as it’s not about purchasing material goods like chocolates, flowers, jewellery, perfume, and all that lovely stuff that they would ‘LIKE’, what this day is truly about is to remember and appreciate all the good memories that we have of these beautiful and charming women that we have had the pleasure of knowing throughout our lives.

Hopefully we all have had at least one person we can call ‘mother’ long enough for them to make us into the people we are today, and in doing so we can carry on acting in the way they brought us up and continue to hopefully make them proud as we achieve the best outcome in life that will truly make us happy, because that’s all a mother truly ‘WANTS’, is to see her children grow up into fine adults who can make the most out of their lives and possibly become fathers and mothers of themselves one of these days mostly so they can have grandchildren I’m sure, but even still.

There truly isn’t much more to say now except to close this article on note of truth. If you want to give your mother the best gift you possibly can, don’t get her the newest product from AVON magazine, just walk up to her, hug her and say the following words: “I love you mam”. Those words will last a lot longer than those anti-aging creams I assure you. And for those of us who cannot do this any longer, simply remember remember everything heavenly about them, and continue to make them proud to this very day, as long as you are living a good, happy life, then they will be happy along with you, and continue to follow you in your road down life, no matter where they are.

“Happy Mother’s Day Mam I love you more than anything in the world! Always have, always will!” *Hears her voice saying the words “I Love you too”*

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    Aww, that is such a lovely article! Well done for writing it, I don’t think I could’ve written about something like this x

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