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* Editor’s Note: This is a response to an article published in The Guardian about over 25s getting a pay rise, while 21-24 year olds aren’t. *

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I think it’s ridiculous, if I’m honest. Why should over 25s get a pay rise while people, workers, younger than that, remain to struggle just as much as everyone else?

This new action will benefit people who, for the majority, probably earn over the minimum anyway because they’ve worked their way up or have more experience or education etc. But, the government has neglected the people who really need it, the people who are starting out on their own for the first time and need money to be able to rent a house, own a car or, even, do the grocery shop every week.

I work in retail and understand how hard it is to get a job, or to even get a job that pays well enough to live off. As I am 17, I get paid 4.50 an hour (over my minimum wage) and I struggle to do anything off that. I live at home with a constant supply of food, but I know that if I got 5.30 an hour (minimum wage for 18-24s) that I could NOT rent a home, pay for everything I needed to, for a car and food shopping would be near impossible.

As you can see, I’ve got strong views on this topic and I think that everyone else our age should too, because if we don’t fight for what we need no-one else will!


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