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Hi, guys. VGBish here with my review on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. If you read my preview piece, you will know I was really hyped up for this game and to be honest after 8 hours solid on an all-nighter the campaign is still not finished but it?s such a good game. I have played the new Exo Survival Mode; now that is a topic I love to talk about. If you played Modern Warfare 3 you would know about the Survival Mode but forget everything you know about the previous games because Advanced Warfare makes it 10 times harder –  let?s get stuck in with the review.

Story: 10
From what I?ve played so far this looks to be a great story; all the features do come conveniently when you need them yet it is a campaign so what can you expect?

Graphics: 10
The graphics are actually beautiful without a HDMI. I am currently using a SCART cable on my Xbox in my bedroom (I know, Bish = gaming scrub) but even without the HDMI this game is graphically one of the most beautiful I have played.

Sounds: 8
The sounds on this game are very well coded into the animation and the best thing is – in all the games I’ve played the announcer doesn’t overlap with the speech: ‘We’ve lost A’ or ‘We’ve taken B’.

Features: 9
Although we have been given the new Exo Mode and the confirmation of zombies, we are still yet to see the inclusion of Gun Game (my personal favourite mode). Now, with multiplayer there are so many features that have been stolen from other games such as the Battlecases from Battlefield 4 have now been re-textured into supply drops. On the other hand we do have full exo customisation, the emblem editor has returned and the Black Ops 2 scorestreaks have returned rather than killstreaks.

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