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Bydd yr erthygl hon yn cael ei gyfieithu o fewn deg diwrnod

On the night of Saturday 6th April 2013 I took a journey down to the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff, to see tenor singer Alfie Boe.

For those who haven’t heard of Alfie, well, listen up. But for those who have heard of Alfie, allow yourself a few minutes to make a cuppa.

Alfie’s real name is Alfred Giovanni Roncallie Boe. Alfie has accompanied many musicians such as Michael Ball, Lesley Garrett and many more. He has also performed in the well-known stage-show Les Misérables alongside Little Britain star Matt Lucas. He is a well known tenor and has also headlined Ponty’s Big Weekend 2012 as part of the Sunday line-up.

Alongside other Alfie fans, I lined up outside the Motorpoint Arena at 5.45pm. There was a great atmosphere outside the venue and everyone was in good spirits: there was even a fan dressed up like Alfie in his concert get-up and singing one of Alfie’s latest songs, Shine a Light, from his ‘Storyteller’ album.

At 6pm we started to make our way into the venue and found our seats. The seats we had were really good, and were only 9 rows from the front and were dead on the centre of the stage.

The performance started with a support singer called Emilia Mitiku from Stockholm, Sweden, who sings mostly Swedish pop music and soul music. She performed her well known worldwide hit single Big Big World alongside a number of self-written songs, I Can Do It, Teardrops, So Wonderful, When You Are Here and Lost Inside.

I think she performed brilliantly and I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. I would love to see her on her own tour.

After Emilia finished her performance, Alfie’s crew set up the stage ready for his performance.

At 8.05pm it was time for the biggest performance of the night: the one and only Mr Alfie Boe.

His performance started off with his drummer playing a solo with some fantastic lighting in the background and, one-by-one, members of Alfie’s band stepped on to the stage with their instruments, and then the man himself jumped out from behind the curtain and sang his well known song from his 2010 album ‘Bring Him Home’ called Hushabye Mountain. He then performed a number of songs from his ‘Storyteller’ album, including Bridge Over Troubled Water, It’s Over, Angie, Rank Strangers To Me and then his classic and well-known song from the show Les Misérables, Bring Him Home. The arena went so quiet during that song you could hear a pin drop.

After those songs, he performed a number of other covers by The Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who and Bon Jovi.

He finished his 2 hour performance with his latest single called Shine a Light which got the crowd on their feet and everyone dancing in the arena.

As soon as he left the stage at the end of his performance, the crowd were stamping and shouting for Alfie to sing one more song before he left the stage and all of a sudden the lights went down and out of nowhere, Alfie appeared and sat in the centre of the stage with his guitar – ready to sing his most upsetting and peaceful song, Angel from Montgomery.

At the end of his encore, he had a 10 minute standing ovation from the crowd of Cardiff.

Overall, I really enjoyed Alfie’s performance and I think this performance was a lot better than when I saw him at Ponty’s Big Weekend last year, as he did more songs and engaged more crowd interaction in this performance than he did in Ponty.

I would highly recommend people to go and see Alfie Boe live when he is next touring Wales or anywhere near where you live, he is a great performer and performs a range of different genres of music.

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