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Hello! MOBAUnited here with another review.

So, in this review I will be talking about a cartoon which has been out for 2 years now. You can watch it on YouTube on the channel: CartoonHangover. This cartoon is based on a group of friends whose parents have gone missing in another world and the friends have to get them back to earth. This is based in the future.

Graphics And Drawings:
The cartoons are very unique and amazing. Each character has a key feature which makes them all different. But it could add “2” extra fingers to each character…

Bravest Warriors’ story line creator is a famous comic creator who has worked with Nickelodeon and many big childrens TV shows. A pet called Catbug was very creative and original, also props to the voice of Catbug!

Catbug has one of the best voices in the cartoon. He is a 6 year old boy named Sam and it’s very funny.
As for the rest of the characters they are very normal, not as good.

Well what else can I say! This cartoon is recommended for anyone aged 7+ and can be watched on the website or YouTube. So, please check it out as the team behind the cartoon work really hard in order to create this.

It’s been MOBA here; signing out!

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  1. Rhysins says:

    The ‘marks’ and the reasoning behind them fall flat in this review, but that aside I’m glad The Bravest Warriors is getting some love here, it really is an amazing show.

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