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Criminel is a mystery investigation game, available on iPad. Set in the 19th century, in Paris, this game is a sort of detective game which asks players to solve a series of murders by exploring crime scenes and different locations. To do this the player will take photographs of the crime scene and look for clues.

The game seems genuinely innovative and is generally accessible and interactive; which makes for great visuals and an intriguing, unfolding crime drama.

The story is really addictive and interesting, especially the noir aspect of the game. This, alongside a back-story of growing scientific and industrial changes, means that you find yourself getting drawn into the story and almost plunging yourself into the character’s mindset.

The controls of the game are quite simple. To change the view of the camera you swipe on your screen and to walk around you simply tap on your screen.

It’s a fun game that is ideal for people of all ages. Just make sure you are not in a rush for anything when you begin the game as you’ll find it hard to put down.

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