Review: Deadlight: Director’s Cut

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Okay, so Deadlight is an awesome game!

The game is like a This War of Mine meets Dying Light so it’s basically a zombie parkour game.

The game levels can be a little complex. The intro to the game is super smooth and looks cartoon-ish, but then when you got into the real game the graphics are awesome, the lighting is amazing and the way the zombies move from the back of the level to the front is really unique. The game has no glitches that I know of, so it’s all good there.

The controls could be more fluid as it gets a little complicated if you play another game before or after Deadlight: Director’s Cut, such as getting the shoot buttons mixed up or forgetting how to run at the worst times. (Although this could be said for a lot of games.)

It is a game that is easy on the eye, for example the character movement is fluid and the cut-scenes are amazing. Everything fits where it should. Some levels are obvious and others a bit more complex. So, all around it’s an awesome game.

I give it 8/10 and recommend it to anyone who likes these types of games.

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