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Hannah Schneider is an up and coming Danish pop artist who hashad three albums released in the past few years, but the album Red Lines isher first to be released internationally. She has released her premiere single, ‘Square One’, which has a real summery feel to it. I imagined myself sat on apicnic mat at a festival on a hot summer’s day peacefully sunbathing, whiletaking in her soft, captivating vocals.

It takes to the style of the band, CHVRCHES. It tones downto a more minimalistic style, and you’re getting at the sort of sublime musicHannah makes. Infused with synthesisers and electro pops, Hannah’s voice islight and airy enough to float across the music, whilst still holding theweight required to power the track forwards. The singer/songwriter is blessedwith one of the most prominent voices I’ve heard in a while.

Normally I wouldn’t listen to this genre of music; there wassomething about how Hannah formed this song. It sent me into relaxation and Iwas enticed to listen to her other songs and the new album to see if they had asmuch charm as her premiere single.

From the success of this album, she is touring around the UKvisiting Bristol, London and Nottingham. Well worth a visit to these gigs ifyou fancy winding down and taking in a mellow atmosphere.

An artist on the rise!

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