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The Wealden is a new partnership of two exemplary artistswho have worked together for seven years and could just be the start ofsomething big for the duo. The band is made up of songwriter/vocalist, TimDickinson and guitarist Justin Quinn, who have had completely differentbackgrounds.

Dickinson’s lies in choral music with a host of otheraccolades whilst Quinn is a critically acclaimed guitarist and composer whosevery early career lied in jazz.

‘Lifeline’ has a real early Franz Ferdinand feel to it, butthe duo has been clever enough to add their own individual stamp. It is made upof a post-punk infectious riff, richly textured melodies and a powerhouse vocalthrough the chorus that brings to mind Bowie and Bon Iver.

The video raises eyebrows when first witnessing it as it’s nothinglike you’ve ever seen before. TimDickinson tries to burst his face out from a metallic black quicksand-likesubstance, and sing along to the pop duo’s catchy, post-punk melodies.

The personal message of the song is about people who sufferfrom helping each other out and possibly a sense of personal darkness fromTim’s lyrics. You could also question, whether Tim suffered depression in thepast and has somehow been giving a ‘lifeline’.

Personally, I feel that this track would be perfect for abuild up to a scene in a horror movie.

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