Review: “Of Mice and Men” @ Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

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It’s not often that you go and see a play and a member of the cast offers you a Monster Munch as you try and find your seat. That was the start of the interactivity between the cast and audience that lasted throughout the show, in this astounding adaptation of the John Steinbeck 1930’s novel: “Of Mice and Men”. 


“Of Mice and Men” tells the story of George and Lennie – two migrant ranch workers in the 1930’s – who travel from farm to farm looking for work. George is an intelligent but uneducated man, and Lennie is very strong and suffers from poor mental health. They both have a dream to set-up their own farm on their own land one day. It is based during the Great Depression in America and shows how it affected ordinary people. It is a beautiful story with challenging but charming scenes.



The cast was small so actors played multiple roles throughout the play. I was very impressed to see the significant difference in their acting when they were portraying different characters. All of the actors were brilliant and deserve to be watched. They use accents that are more relatable to us so it’s easier to sympathise with the characters. The cast was Anthony Corria, Sara Gregory, Neal McWilliams, Tom Mumford and Will Young.


The set was very different to your standard theatrical performance. It was performed in the Studio at Chapter which is quite small and the actors acted around the audience. This made me – and probably the rest of the audience – feel uncomfortable at times but it definitely kept me invested in what was going on, because I felt like I was part of the story. The costumes were a mix of modern clothes and old clothes from the 1930’s which helped the audience understand what type of characters they were. I really liked the artistic seating arrangement and the audience involvement – of which there was a lot!


I highly recommend this production of: “Of Mice and Men”, especially to those studying it in school for their GCSE (like me). I enjoyed the adaptation and the techniques used to interact with the audience.


“Of Mice and Men” in the Chapter Arts Centre was presented by Hijinx Theatre with support from the Arts Council of Wales. For information on their up-and-coming shows please visit their website.


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