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Game Title – Nail’d
Platform – Windows, XBox 360, PS3
Release Date – February 4th, 2011 (in Europe)
Rating – PEGI 12, ESRB 10+

The game Nail’d is based on off-road quads and dirt bikes. It’s very easy to get started as you get a helpful tutorial at the beginning of the game. Once you’ve finished the tutorial it’s very easy to get sucked into the game.

Once you’ve completed some of the races, it’s very easy to customise your quad/bike by changing the colour, style and the driver’s costume. 

The graphics are very good as everything from the trees to the ground is very detailed. For example, if you go through a puddle or a mud puddle, it splashes all over the screen which makes it look much more realistic.

You also get a boost if you drive through a fire ring, fire checkpoint or if you free fall it will give you a bit of boost. The boost can be activated with a flick of a button. If you go too fast or crash, you will come off your bike/quad and a massive logo of NAIL’D will come up on the screen. 

At the start of the game we were slightly put off by the music, as it is not to my taste but is most likely to be a good choice because the music is suited to the game. 

This game could be improved by enabling you to choose the music. The game could also be improved by making your own profile so that you can make your own driver, quad/dirt bike and helmet. 

Overall, we would give this game a rating of 4/5.

Written by Matthewmclaren and Callumjenkins

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  1. WICIDeditor says:

    Sounds like a really good game, I want to get my hands on this!

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