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In the newest episode of series 6 of Doctor Who, “The curse of the black spot”, can I just query how, In the new Doctor Who, the doctor didn’t save all the people with only cuts on their hands for example. They decided not to save the boy because he was dying anyway… and Rory was drowning, so Amy had to save him… So…That is why they took him. They practically killed the rest of the people in the sick bay. Did they want them all to die? It is rather unlike the doctor to not save all… Just wondering… And how, when Rory was drowning, did they release her, if she needs reflection if a) there was a storm and the ship would be moving, and so disturbing the water. And b) It was raining, so odds are that one droplet would disturb it.

Also, I find it rather coincidental, that after about a minute of Amy stopping CPR, Rory decides to breathe. Very unlikely.

I think that Rory, pretending to be “enchanted” by “The Sirens” song, was acting of a very poor standard. And I find it coincidental how Rory was never taken until they wanted him to be… The crew/doctor could have at least attempted to save some of the “Doomed”. May I just ask, why did it take so long for Rory to walk towards “The siren”? He was left on his own, while “The siren” was in front of him a few times, and he stood, very slowly edging his way towards the siren, While the rest of the crew, the, unimportant members, were quick to respond.

Now I LOVE Doctor Who, and laughed tremendously when the doctor wiped “bogeys” over Amy.

So… Yeah… So I highly suggest they get a new writer or someone that can deal with this problem of constant failure/inaccuracy.

Emily Hattersley


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