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Prison Break

The game by its name is based on the series Prison Break. As someone who has never watched this, I would never want to if the game is anything to go by.
The game plot is that you are “Tom Paxton” an under cover agent working for covert organisation to make sure that “Linkin Burrows” falsely imprisoned gets to fry in the electric chair.

From the start it was a predictable game. After completing a few missions I could guess what was coming next. The concept of the game was rather dull and it quickly turned to be a fetch and get quest.
I found the tasks repetitive, as the graphics were very PS2’ish, not XBox 360, and the fight mode made me want to go to bed rather than stay up late and play it.
The tasks included stealing medication from the infirmary, stealing knives from the kitchen, see, repetition again and you can only make so many friends to obtain goodies that you needed, BORING .

On the plus side novice players could easily play this game as it more or less tells you what to do all the way through it.
All in all I would not recommend buying this game, spend your money on something more enjoyable.

3/10 very bad.


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