Review: Ponty’s Big Weekend 2014

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This year’s Ponty’s Big Weekend decided on an X Factor themeand didn’t disappoint. The range for the genres was different from previousyears. Last year there was mostly just pop, with the odd exception, but thisyear you had Sam Bailey who is an amazing ballad singer. You also had ‘Damage’,‘Hollywood Ending’ and ‘Loveable Rogues’ who are R & B, rock and kind of amix between pop and soul.

Even Matt, Polly and Geraint from Capital FM got funnier – if that waspossible.

Unfortunately, by the time ‘Union J’ came on a lot of people had already left.It was similar to the atmosphere; as it was leading up to Sam Bailey everyonewas screaming and then when Sam came on the atmosphere went up a level and shereally got the crowd going even though she was heavily pregnant. She gave itall her all and ensured everyone had a good time. She was saying how she gavesome people ice-cream and had photos while the people were waiting to go intothe park.

But, once she left the stage and ‘Union J’ came on the atmosphere went a littleflat. Despite the fact that many people were leaving, there was still a lot ofpeople cheering them on. The band were good but they didn’t seem like the mainact. In my opinion, Sam Bailey gave more of a performance and entertained the crowdmore. She was more like the main act instead of ‘Union J’.

Overall, the day was good and the atmosphere was electric.The acts were amazing and I can’t wait until Ponty’s Big Weekend 2015 to seehow that will beat this year’s.

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