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Pushing The Limits is a newly released book by author Katie McGarry which follows the lives of two teenagers, Echo Emmerson and Noah Hutchings, who meet through Child Protective Services mandated counseling. The two come from completely different worlds, or at least that’s what they think.

Echo is an 18-year-old shy girl who experienced trauma – which was such a serious incident that she loses parts of her memory – and is in need of counselling to help her get back on her feet as she hopes to return to the life she once had.

Noah is a good kid turned bad after losing his family after a tragic home accident and is then forbid to have custody to his two younger brothers, Jacob and Tyler, because he punched his first foster father.

At first, you would think Echo and Noah are like chalk and cheese but as they end up crossing paths on more than a few occasions, the two get to know each other and end up hesitantly falling for one another and help one another in a mission to try and retrieve both of their personal files – which neither of them are allowed access to – for Noah to prove his brother’s foster parents are bad and Echo can find out the truth about what happened the night of her horrific trauma.

I don’t want to give away too much of the story but I loved every minute of my time I spent reading this tragic yet amazing story. Every chapter, every paragraph, every sentence, kept me glued to the book and made me want to read more. The book is set out with each chapter either in the eyes of Echo or Noah and so you get to feel the emotions of both the characters and see everything from both sides of the story. I truly felt as if I were in both characters’ shoes and when it finally came to an end, I truly didn’t want to leave the world of Echo and Noah and for hours after, I still felt like I was there.

The characters felt so real and I could imagine them so clearly that it was as if they were neighbours or two students at my college.

There is so much I could say about Pushing The Limits but the best way to understand my love for this book is to go out and buy it because it’s truly amazing and such a thrill to read.

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