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The SimCity franchise is constantly being updated and it is also bringing out constant DLC which are brilliant. I have a city on every server and they all contain over 30,000 population.

All in all, SimCity 5 is excellent and I would recommend the game to anyone who is interested in the franchise. It has 20 servers and they also have challenges; if you win these challenges you can get Simoleons to help upgrade your towns. If you join your friends on the servers you can help each other to build a great work. There are four great works: there is a space station, arcology, international airport and a solar farm. To get these great works you need to meet certain requirements which can be met as a team.

Graphics: 9/10
. The graphics could be better and another reason for this 9/10 is the roads are glitchy from far away, it looks like they have gone into the landscape and then when you zoom in it is sorted.

Gameplay: 5/10. There is no campaign and I would really like a SimCity campaign; I strongly think that it would be interesting to see how they would go about making one.

Multiplayer: 8/10. I’m giving this an 8 because you can get your friends to play on your region and make an efficient region.

Soundtrack: 2/10. The sound track is pretty boring.

Sound effects: 5/10
. The sound effects like the car horns, water in the pipes and the electricity pumping through the city is good not to mention the disaster sounds.

All round: I think this is a good game and is worth the money.

To buy or not to buy: I would recommend this game to anyone who likes the SimCity franchise and similar games.

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