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Hey, guys. D4Kr4ck3n here with a review on Terraria and its 1.3 update for PC. The update contains over 800 new items, along with 3 new mounts and 2 new events and 1 new boss.

The update came on June 30th and I have played on the game since the update and am loving it, I have achieved 75% of the achievements for the game and determined to get them all. Me and a few of my new friends have managed to quickly fly through the update, collecting some of the new items, surviving the events and conquering the new boss. We have done this through the Steam integration feature also added on the update.

Graphics: 8/10. The graphics are basic but good for the type of game it is. Not really much to say on graphics.

Gameplay: 7/10. There is no campaign for Terraria but there is a way to go about things. You are one character who is to set out conquering the world you have created by defeating all of the 14 bosses in the game and surviving the countless waves of events they throw at you.

Multiplayer: 8/10. The multiplayer of the game has been improved in the 1.3 update because before you had to go and portforward your ip before anyone could join you, but now – thanks to Steam integration – you can load your world up on multiplayer, set the password and invite your friends just by a click of a button.

Soundtrack: 5/10. The soundtrack to the game is very repetitive but interesting, you get new music every time there is a boss or event going on but otherwise it’s the same few tracks on loop.

Sound effects: 7/10. The sounds of the game are interesting; there are sounds for the guns, magic weapons and melee weapons. Also, there are sounds for the enemies and bosses, and not to mention the sounds for smashing up the world.

All round: I think the game is worth its price tag because it is constantly being worked on and the gameplay is different for everyone.

To buy or not to buy: I would recommend the game to anyone who likes long paced games which involve a lot of killing and an equal amount of building.

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