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I’mcalling out all you sporty lads and girls: if you want to get football kitsand other football items, check out this website and save more than half pricein the mean time.

Thisis a different type of review to what I would normally do, but I thought Ishould share this with you guys. you can get discounted football shirts – home kits, awaykits, third kits and training kits. How much does a casual football jersey costfor a high profile club – £50-£80? Then, £30-£50 for less known clubs but howwould you like to pay just £17.79?! Yes, that’s right, you can get the kit forteams like Man United, Real Madrid and Barcelona for the discounted price of£17.79 with free delivery for orders £50 or over.

Thiswebsite stocks the football kits of a wide range of teams from leagues all overthe world including international teams, and if you can’t spot the kit of theclub you support then you can just contact them on their email and they willtry 100% to get the kit ordered for you, as customer service is what they’ve gotat heart.

Iwould definitely vouch for this website, as I have ordered from them myselfbefore on two occasions. I recently bought a Real Madrid 2014/15 away kit, Ihad ‘Bale’ and ’11’ printed on the shirt and shorts. Then alittle while before that I ordered a Man Utd 2014/15 away kit, I had ‘Rooney’ and ’10’ on the shirt and shorts of that kit. Bothjerseys came back within three days of the purchase date, with the tags stillattached to the top and shorts.

Thequality of the kit is amazing. It’s exactly the same as they look in top-endsport shops – just at a much discounted price.

Youcan add a name and number to the kit along with the official arm badges such asthe Champions League patches and the ‘Respect’ slogans too. Allprices included below:


  •  League Patch (+£2.00)
  •  Champions League Patch (+£2.00)
  •  Respect (+£2.00)
  •  2014 Trophy (+£2.00)
  •  10 Times Trophy (+£2.00)
  •  9 Times Trophy (+£2.00)


  •  (+£8.00)


  •  Name (+£2.00)
  •  Number (+£2.00)

Hereare useful links if you wish to purchase a kit or want to just find out moreinformation:


Websitecontact page –

Websitevouchers –

WithChristmas just a few weeks away, this is the perfect opportunity to getthat all important gift for someone special while saving so much money to spendon many other things.

So,what are you waiting for, go order something…

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