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“To begin at the beginning”, directed by Les Orton, written by Dylan Thomas and narrated by Richard Burton, Under Milk Wood is an animation telling the story of the inhabitants of Llareggub.

Set on a spring night in the cobble-stoned town overlooking the sea, the characters have some wild and wonderful dreams. Firstly, we meet Captain Cat who dreams of his time at the bottom of the ocean. He also dreams of Mrs Probert, his one and only love, whose name he has a tattoo on his belly. Mrs Ogmore-Pritchard dreams of bossing her deceased husbands. Organ Morgan to whom music is his entire life and nothing else comes close, whilst Reverend Eli Jenkins dreams of Eisteddfodau. There are many other characters in this film however there are just too many to mention. Then, as quickly as it passed, dawn is upon the characters, who return to their normal lives.

The experience of watching the film was different to anything I had experienced before. It was memorable but in some cases not for all the right reasons. The characters were all very different and the focus switches from one character to another in an instance. Often, it was difficult to follow which characters were being focused upon. To evaluate the film, it was interesting to see the differences between the lives of the characters at day and night, and particularly the blind Captain Cat who was an interesting character because of the way that he watches the lives of everyone else, tirelessly.

Finally, to rate the film, I would give it a 2 out of 5 because of the confusion between the characters which in a way spoiled the film, meaning that the story in my opinion has no real purpose.

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  1. Ollys_Direction says:

    I agree completely. When we saw it in Film Club I literally felt like taking a nap on your (or whoever I was sitting next to’s) shoulder but because we were being filmed for the BBC, I pulled it together. It confused me one heck of a lot! Still, love your review ><

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