Rhondda Youth Forum – Xscream Halloween Horror Night

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With Halloween fast approaching, members of the Rhondda Youth Forum took to the dark, unforgiving grounds of the Rhondda Heritage Park for Xscream Horror Night. 

Following a successful first youth forum meeting back in September, young people had the opportunity to decide and plan an activity of their choosing. After lengthy discussions the forum group decided to ignore the more familiar choices of paintballing, trampolining, cinema etc. Instead they voted to face the terror of an abandoned mine and take part in the zombie filled horror night. Little did they know what they had let themselves in for!

This article won’t give too many details about the night as we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise for those of you who are yet to face the torment. However, it is worth mentioning that zombies were the least of their worries when they were captured and masked by a military SWAT team right at the very start!

After completing the night, the forum group (although a little shaken up) were incredibly chuffed that they had taken part and thoroughly enjoyed the whole activity. The group felt additional satisfaction from being a part of the decision making, planning and build up to the trip. They all are excited to get together again at the next meeting and start planning future activities.

The Rhondda Heritage Park X-Scream Horror Night was an activity exclusively open to Youth Forum members. The YEPS Rhondda Youth Forum held its first meeting back in September and is always welcoming new members to join. The Youth forum is a fantastic opportunity for young people in RCT to have a genuine and valid say on what goes on around them and in their lives, as well as providing exciting opportunities such as this activity. Forums are ran by young people meeting together with YEPS staff and also through activities, trips and events that are directly accessible by being a part of your youth forum.

If you are interested in joining the youth forum in your area, or would like further information, please add/contact the Snapchat below linked to where you live.






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