Rhys Rants: The Lion King Remake Announcement

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It was announced on September 28th that JonFavreau will be directing a reboot of the 1994 masterpiece, The Lion King, one of Disney’shighest grossing films. For those unaware, Jon Favreau has also directed Marvel’s Iron Man 1 and 2, Elf and the liveaction remake of The Jungle Book,with a sequel confirmed.

From the few films I have seen from Favreau, I can’tcomplain. I thought the first two Iron Manfilms were fine, not great but enjoyable enough. I haven’tseen the 2016 Jungle Book remake, soI can’t commenton his latest Disney remake. I’ll likely watch it when I have free time – I’m intrigued tosee how he re-imagined that Disney classic in live action. But my burningquestion to Disney is – why?

Disney has seen great success, if we judge success by profitmargins, in all of their recent live-action remakes and direct titles; the Alice in Wonderland series, Maleficent, Cinderella and Beauty and theBeast. It’s becoming a trend that is definitely working in Disney’sfavour for how much money it is making them, and then put them together with aname like The Lion King, they willmake SO MUCH MONEY! Disney has tapped into people’s nostalgia and is a strategyproving to be very profitable. So there you go, well done Disney, making moneybefore the film even starts production.

But is this a good thing? Did anyone really ask for this?I’mhappy enough with what we have now, so are many others who are familiar withThe Lion King franchise I am sure. I mean I don’t mind them doing fun little things like The Lion Guard to capitalize on thepopularity of its main influence, though maybe I’m okay with that example simply because it’s a2D television series for juniors.

Maybe it isn’t a bad thing if the remake doesn’t simply retell thestory, but recent remakes seem to be doing just that. It could again be mebeing bitter that it isn’t a 2D continuation from the originalfilms/sequels/spin-off shows because 2D is CLEARLY THE BEST! I can’tsay I’mhating it because I don’t know what is going to be done with it. I can’tsay I’mfor it either because why must we re-tell something that was already told toperfection the first time (other than, you know, $$). *sigh*, I just don’tknow.

Either way I doubt I would be able to cover it here since thefilm will likely be released in 2019, which would mark the 25th anniversary ofthe original film. I would be older than 25, meaning I wouldn’t beable to post articles or the like here. If on the off chance it gets releasedbefore June 2018, then I’ll be the first person to do so.

But then again my opinion will unlikely halt theproduction of the film and I won’t go overboard and sign any change.org or other onlinepetition nonsense to stop it happening. I simply hope that Disney avoid thelazy strategy of retelling a story purely for financial gain. 


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