Rhys Review: Attack! & Dragon Pro Wrestling – Freshers Wrestling (20/9/2016)

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I mentioned in the previous Attack! Pro Wrestling review thatthere would be a special super show I would be attending, so here it is! Aftersharing and promoting this event on social media for quite some time, I wantedto make sure everyone and anyone came – well, those 18+ as the venue was Walkaboutbar in Cardiff.

The show was a joint effort by Dragon Pro Wrestling, thewrestling promotion I train and help out at, and Attack! Pro Wrestling. Theshow was appropriately named Freshers Wrestling, as it took place duringFreshers week in the Cardiff area. And since I haven’t been around to trainas much, I bought a ticket to pretend to be a fresher for one last night tohide my sorrow of being in my third and final year of University- aterrifying thought. I never really got involved with the freshers events in thelast two years and didn’t do anything that different during thisone. But, at least I can say I watched a live wrestling show at abar in Cardiff whilst others were waking up in Cardiff Castle missing a shoeand a few teeth.

The turnout wasn’t bad by any means. It wasn’t as packed withfreshers as I would have liked, but a decent number of people turned up – mostof which regularly attend wrestling events.

Also, before I get into the show itself, since this was a jointshow, some of the people involved in the show may not act like they do fromDragon Pro since Attack! merged with them for the night, throwing most of thecanon from Dragon Pro shows out the window. Because we really need to clear thecanonicity of wrestling shows and all. The show opened with the ring announcerMerlin greeting everyone alongside the first ref of the night, Huw.

Tag Team Match
Mike Bird & Tyler Bate defeats Panda Cub &
Raving DannyJones

What I just mentioned can throw people off as the last I heardfrom the Dragon Pro shows, Panda Cub lost an All Wales Championship matchagainst Champion Big Grizzly and had to remove his mask as a result, turninghim into Edwin Ricci. But here he was Panda Cub, likely because it was a moreAttack!-friendly crowd and they were more familiar with Panda than Edwin. Alsoadding to this, Danny was more like his Attack raving self rather than his laidback Dragon Pro persona. He’s at a bar in Cardiff – you need to rave itup a little!

But the match itself was a great way to open the show aseveryone brought great drive and intensity. Everyone got a show of appreciationthrough the best way an adult wrestling crowd knows how- swearing!Each wrestler was given a profanity laden chant. For example, Mike’s wassomething along the lines of “GINGER! GINGER! GINGER *cussing* JESUS!”

Both teams worked well together, with Cuband Danny having the edge with a few more impressive double team manoeuvres.But what Danny and Cub had in innovation and speed was countered by thecombination of Mike and Tyler’s power, tech based moves and hard strikes.As Mike is known for his chops, early into the match he chopped someone so loudthat I’m sure people outside heard it.

The match could have gone either way withboth teams getting one up on the other, but in the end, Mike ended up hittinghis Gotch-Style Piledriver, followed by some type of Scoop Tombstone Piledriverby Tyler for the pinfall victory. Following the match, there were handshakes byall after and everyone’s arms were raised, demonstrating respectand sportsmanship in a delightful way to start the night.

Singles Match
Chris Brookes with Mondai Lykos Vs
Bronco BrendanWhite

The canonicity was in question again as the despised #CCK (ChrisBrooke and Mondai Lykos) entered with their Attack! tag team championshipbelts, so I guess you could say Attack has the edge on who has rights to theshow.

Then again, you had to buy the tickets from the Attack! website,so maybe that had a huge factor in it as well. Lykos’ Meg Griffinstayed true to the people here, but was even more vulgar about it consideringit’s an adult themed show – I almost feel bad for the guy.

Brendan was the clear favourite as he had many longer winded ‘Bronco’ chants, annoying CCKsomething fierce. There were many moments that showed how horrible Chris andLykos are to the people, one of which was Lykos throwing some type of whitepowder into the crows. When this was done, Lykos entered the ring to join Chrisin attacking Brendan when he was down. Shay did recover at one point and nearlycaught them doing this, but got powdered in the eyes again for it. Brooke alsogave Brendan one of the wettest, dripping wet willies the world has ever seen.

Brendan did take a lot of punishment from the villainous duo,but always found a way to get enough strength to fight back, especially towardsthe end where he brought a smash mouth offense with a few powerhousemanoeuvres. Towards the end though, the numbers game was too much for him as Lykostried to interfere again, Brendan hit him with a powerful side slam, but Brookegot him in an Ankle Lock while kicking Brendan’s back/neck area withhis other free foot to force a tap out. Brendan definitely put up a good fight,but the Tag Team Champions showed everyone that they would do whatever it takesto get a victory.

Huw returned to ref the next match, and yes, if you werewondering, in true Attack/Dragon fashion a raffle was mentioned. And while thisgood, this may cause a problem for the future – I’ll get on to thatshortly.

Intergender Match
Nixon Newell Vs Pete Dunne

If you saw the match between these two in the Club One Hundred#2 Show a few days prior to this, or even red my review on the match, I’ll say that it was oddlyvery similar to that one. However, there are differences that need to bementioned, especially the end result.

Despite the opposing genders, these two were not gentle witheach other in the slightest. Pete was constantly roughing up Nixon with dirtyantics and powerhouse moves, while Nixon actually wanted him to be even morebrutal to her! Valleys women, right? She too gave Pete just as much as he gaveher in terms of powerful offense. There were a few suicide dives and anotherthat transitioned into a DDT on the outside. Nixon hit Pete with a soccer kickand then a Hurricanrana on the outside, which was quite something. Pete bit thefingers of Nixon at one point, and even hit TWO Tombstone Piledrivers in a row,yet she still kept going.

It was towards the end of the fight where the similarities endedas Pete attempted a third Tombstone, but Nixon was able to counter it into aTombstone of her own. Then there was an exchange with Pete, Nixon and the refHuw where Pete was having a bitter word with Huw and Nixon low blows Pete,right in the dangly bits, and of course Huw didn’t see this. Nixon hit theCanadian/Welsh Destroyer and got the pinfall victory.

Before everyone realised what happened, Nixon just as shocked aseveryone else, was attacked by Pete and felt the full force of his finisher – atype of Pumphandle Flatliner that is apparently called the DT3. Please correctme if I’m wrong. You’d think Pete would be satisfied with justthis, but he wasn’t quite done as he got something from underthe ring and spilled it out on the mat. That’s right everybody, hespilled THUMB TACKS! Pete then Powerbombed her right onto them! A good/bad partof her back covered in them, and everyone in the audience winced as if part ofthem hit the tacks along with her. He then attempted to stomp her head intothem again, but Nixon’s Bayside High partner, Mark Andrewsappeared to stop this from happening. Pete makes a break for it and chants forNixon ring in support for everything she went through.

Then came the interval – I need to point something out aboutSOME PEOPLE in the crowd. As you may know, the Attack! people, and a goodmajority of most wrestling fans, love a good raffle. Nothing wrong with that.People were being sold tickets on the lower floor during the interval andhaving a laugh. But when it came to the actual raffle right before the nextmatch, some people took it a little too far.

Many people throw their tickets in the ring after not winningthe raffle. Nothing too wrong about it – it’s a common thing for alaugh, right? Then there’s mention of ONE FINAL PRIZE and we see thepeople trying to get their tickets back, always amusing. None of them win. Somethrow the tickets back into the ring, sure, whatever. But this one particular,drunken guy felt the need to crumble up every ticket within his range and,throw it at the ref (Shay or Huw, can’t remember who was in the ring at the time)and host (Merlin). Like, who does that? Seriously, WHO DOES THAT!? This wentagainst the sporting and respectful nature that had been displayed up to thatpoint and has no place in wrestling.

Six Man Scramble: ShayPurser Vs Beano, Mondai Lykos, Jon Doe, Joe Mezinger and Sierra Loxton.

This match showcased a wealth of talent from both Dragon Pro(Beano, Jon Doe and Joe) and Attack Pro’s Mondai Lykos. Though a name whichpleased everyone in crowd to hear was that from the Attack Pro Referee Academy(yes, he was actually billed from this place), Shay. He was in the ring at thetime and he was baffled by this ever happening. Yet he agreed to do it becausethe people wanted it, and the people get what the people want. At this time,Huw came out to referee the match instead of Shay.

Everyone had their moments in the match; Jon Doe was agile yetaggressive with his offence on everyone, while Joe was angry and aggressive.Lykos got in quick bits of offence while belittling everyone he could along theway. Beano had his usual swagger about him and did his best to give all the chavsof the world a good name – an impossible task, but he’s trying bless him.

Sierra, despite being the only woman in the match along with allthese scary brutes, held her own and made some skilful offensive moves. Therewas a nice spot where four of the guys were sat in each corner of the ring, andshe rammed into them all with her hips. She also teamed up with Beano at onepoint to hit double suicide dives to the others outside. And of course, intypical Shay fashion, he would follow this up with a flip of his own oneveryone else. His offence throughout was limited, but it gave everyone a goodlaugh.

The ending came when The Original Badman Beano, seemed to havethe victory after hitting his finisher but was thrown out. Shay was able to hita Jumping Cutter on Lykos (again don’t quote me on that) and he got the upsetvictory from it! As you’d expect everyone raised the roof off ofWalkabout for this, he even got a nice hug from Sierra even though she lost – she’sa real sweetheart.

Main Event
Mark Andrews Vs Wild Boar

This was a match I had wanted to see live for a while. I had a feelingthis would be a competitive one and I wasn’t disappointed. Nothing over the top stupendoushappened here, no diving from balconies for Mark this time, but it was still avery nice watch.

It started out very technical with nice chain wrestling fromboth. This would soon build up to the two using their arsenal of moves that getthem going. Boar cut off Mark with aggression and brute force, while Mark made useof as many counters to Boar’s moves whenever he could. But both hadequal amounts of agility, it was truly an even playing field in this match.

As the match progressed, more technical manoeuvres wereintroduced, like Boar hitting some kind of Sit-down Tombstone on Mark, which hekicked out of. Mark hitting his Northern Light Suplexes (the best ones) andlinking extra moves like Moonsaults and other flippy stuff when gettingmomentum from the Suplex – always impressive! He even hit Boar with aHurricanrana from the floor, while Boar was sat on top of a turnbuckle! In theend though, it was Mark who was victorious after hitting his patented ShootingStar Press for the pinfall. He offered Boar a fist bump after the match, but hedidn’t accept it and just walked off. The show could have endedbetter with him accepting it, but people still left happy knowing Mark came outon top.

There weren’t as many Freshers there for this Fresher themedshow, but I certainly had fun. It definitely made freshers more enjoyableconsidering I didn’t do much else after it. And hopefully this show is a signof more joint shows by Attack and Dragon Pro. I would definitely be into thatidea!

Take a look at Attack! And Dragon Pro’s social media pages forupdates, it’s well worth it.

Dragon Pro Wrestling’s social media links:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dragon-Pro-Wrestling/211753345507269
Twitter: @UKDragonPro
Instagram: ukdragonpro

Attack! Pro Wrestling’s social media links
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ATTACKprowrestling
Twitter – @ATTACKWrestling
Instragram – attackwrestling

Website – http://attackprowrestling.co.uk/
On-Demand – http://attackprowrestling.co.uk/attack-on-demand/4591917192
Store – http://attackprowrestling.bigcartel.com/

*Pictures courtesy of Dragon Pro Wrestling, Attack! ProWrestling and Turning Face Photography*


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