Rhys Review: Dragon Pro Wrestling: Battlelines (29/5/2016)

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Alright, so it’s that time again everyone. Time for another Dragon Pro Wrestling review. This time it is of their ‘Battlelines’ show from 29th May at their usual spot of Rodney Parade in Newport. During this review, I may briefly bring up events from the last show, ‘Fighting Chance’, since I did not have a chance to see it live. But of course I heard about what happened from their Facebook page as well as from the people at the academy, so I’ll do my best to fill in any gaps that seem to not make sense from the January show to now.

The show was once again at Rodney Parade and quite a large number showed up to watch the show so it was nice to see a good turnout, especially considering how warm it was throughout. Before the show started we had a special guest ring announcer for the night, as Ben, who usually does this role, was sadly not able to make it. But to all of you people who have heard of a promotion called Pro Wrestling Chaos (you should have as I covered one of their shows not too long ago), you may also recognize the name Dave Mercy. He was the man keeping the people pumped up for the action, alongside the ever loveable Geraint as his partner in crime. Doesn’t get as hyped as that, and I haven’t even talked about the show itself yet!

Opening Match
Wild Boar defeated Cal Adams via Nebraskan Tumbleweed

In this opening contest we had one of Dragon Pro’s head coaches, Wild Boar, taking on Dragon Pro’s Rookie of the Year 2015 winner, Cal Adams, in what was a very solid match. Before the match began Cal offered his hand to the crazed man-beast, but he wouldn’t respond to this other than to beat the heck out of the young upstart. Boar was aggressive throughout – as he usually is – with heavy strikes and a few powerful moves to try and keep down Adams. The Wonderboy, Cal, would try to fight back as much as he could with an impressive display of quick thinking manoeuvres that would keep Boar off his feet on a number of occasions. While the crowd was mostly behind Cal, there was a small number of people not too far from my position on ring crew that seemed to be the type of people who loved to cheer for the villains. Because, I don’t know, people can be sadists or something? A harsher moment came when a young girl, probably around 4 to 6 years old was solely cheering for Cal while that group, of around four very loud people, would backlash against her with ‘Callum sucks!’ chants. I mean, come on, don’t be like that. I’m not a kid person either, but that’s just mean. The little girl was just cheering on the underdog in Cal Adams, let her have that much.

The match came to an end after Boar hit the Nebraskan Tumbleweed (an Inverted Corner Senton) on Cal for the pinfall victory. After the match, Wild Boar offered his hand to Cal after match, showing that the Wonderboy earned his respect.

Celtic Crown Womens Quarter Final
Sierra Loxton defeated Ciel Fontaine (with Merlin Obadiah Cambridge) via Butterfly Effect

This match was definitely an interesting one as it featured two fresh debuts in Dragon Pro’s ever growing womens division. First of all was Ciel Fontaine, who was accompanied by Pure Breed’s brain of operations, Merlin Obadiah Cambridge, who got on the mic to get over the fact that he helped lead Matthew Horgan and Owen Wall win the Dragon Pro Tag Team Championship at the show I couldn’t see. He then introduced Ciel to the Dragon Pro fans as The Pure Breed’s newest member, and their first female one at that. He went to say how Ciel will destroy her opponent and become the first winner of the Celtic Crown. Sierra Loxton, the said opponent, had other things in mind. Decked out with a silver cloth like fabric with her attire, she definitely caught the attention from everyone as she seemed ready to make an impression in her debut.

Both women wanted to advance just as bad as the other with Ciel being quite aggressive whilst being very sound in her abilities, which seemed to get her the advantage at the start. But things would change towards the end as Sierra’s screams would showcase the end for her opponent. And if that wasn’t enough, towards the end when Ciel went outside the ring, Sierra dived through the ropes not only on to her opponent, but onto Merlin as well! Everyone in the building loved her for this, as if they didn’t already. A nice way to make an impression, taking out one of Dragon Pro’s most disliked performers. In the end, Sierra got the win after hitting a Shining Hip Attack to the back of Ciel’s head, a move she dubs ‘The Butterfly Effect’, and getting the pin from this. Sierra seemed very humble in getting her first victory, while Merlin wasn’t too happy with Ciel’s performance, belittling her on the outside as she sheepishly went to the back. Whether this may be the last we’ll see as Ciel as a member of The Pure Breed or not, you can’t help but feel a little bad for her after being roasted at by Merlin.

The Badman Invitational Scramble
Beano defeated Ian Williams (with Phillip Charles Hyde), Oliver Sudden, Jay Trixx, Mr. Bananas and Oliver Satchwell via pinfall

A little history into this Beano situation before we get to the match. At Dragon Pro’s last show, Newport’s own Mike Bird issued an open scramble of his own which featured himself, Mr. Bananas, and Beano. Beano, the renamed Glyn Harries from the Big Rumble show, seemed to have a worse attitude from that show from what I heard and, somehow, he managed to get the upset victory in that scramble match. So to prove that he is ‘The Original Badman’, as he proclaims himself to be, he opened up his own scramble invitation. Ian came out with fellow Old Money partner Phillip Charles Hyde at his side, Mr. Bananas, who was also at the last scramble match, and Oliver Sudden, who tripped over the microphone cable as he made his entrance, but he recovered nicely. You could say it happened… OLIVER SUDDEN! I’m not even sorry about that, and I’m sure he wouldn’t be either. This match was a little bit of a crazy one as so many people were trying to get the win here. You had Mr. Bananas doing flips onto people on the outside, Trixx doing flips on the inside, Satchwell grounding everyone he was in the ring with, both Beano and Ian trying to capitalize on all the carnage this match was causing, and of course Sudden doing some good old fashioned showboating. In the end, though, it was Beano who stole the win from Ian towards the end as he got the pinfall victory.

Dragon Pro Wrestling Tag Team Championship
The Pure Breed (Owen Wall and Matt Horgan with Merlin Obediah Cambridge) defeated The Steel Dragons (Alex Steel and Eddie Dennis) via roll-up pin

Now, two things to note for this match before I head on. First of all, if seeing The Pure Breed as the tag team champions has you confused, it’s because they actually became the NEW champions after defeating Panda Mask and Panda Cub at Fighting Chance, which, again, I was unable to see. Also this match was supposed to have the champions face the team of Eddie Dennis and Lucky Bowden, unfortunately Bowden had to be taken out of the match due to an injury he suffered leading up to it, so Eddie called on a good old mate of his as a replacement, that being the other half of Pro Wrestling Chaos’ Steel Dragons team, Alex Steel.

The match itself started off with a little bit of humour from Dennis and Steel, poking fun at the champions and Merlin, but it would only last so long as The Pure Breed wanted to put a stop to Steel Dragon’s wacky ways. The champions used typical dirty tactics to get the upper hand on the challengers for a good amount of the match, which Steel would fight back with a high risk offense that impressed the crowd, and Eddie using his always impressive arsenal of moves. He even hit both members of the Pure Breed with his Fallaway Slam/Samoan Drop combo which is always amazing to see. At one point, Merlin tried to hit Dennis with his note board, but Dennis stopped him and even attempted to hit him with a Powerbomb. But, much to the displeasure of everyone in the crowd, this would not happen as The Pure Breed saved their representative and eventually won the match by pinning Dennis with their feet on the ropes with a Merlin distraction. So, the champions retained which wasn’t fun to see for everyone in the crowd, but The Steel Dragons definitely won the crowd over in this match, which is definitely more than the champions did here.

Next was a short intermission, or a Cornetto as Dragon Pro tends to call them, and I could have done for one of those honestly, the heat was unbearable for everyone there. Though getting some water was a good enough substitute. I even saw a few wrestlers who weren’t on the card in the crowd, which was very nice to see, though I won’t say who. If you want to know who was there, you should have been at the show, simple as.

Panda VS Panda Grudge Match
Panda Cub defeated Panda Mask via 180 Degree Panda Splash

Okay, so, backstory to this, because I’m sure you’re confused as to why Bristol Zoo‘s greatest attractions are wanting to beat the heck out of each other here. Well, at the last show, they lost the titles to Pure Breed, right? Okay. Well after the match, Panda Mask, for whatever reason, ended up attacking his pupil! He then issued a challenge at the next show, and that’s how this match came to be.

And this was definitely a grudge match if there ever was one. Panda Mask brought out a mixture of his powerhouse style while trying to bring in a few high risk manoeuvres to his arsenal. While Panda Cub wanted to outdo his teacher and get the better of him with his much younger and more agile offense, even at one-point jumping over the turnbuckle from the ring to Mask who was outside! The stuff this guy does is truly crazy. You’d have to see it to believe it with him.

So much happened, it was definitely a lot to remember, but the ending came when the student surpasses the teacher after an incredibly impressive 180 degree turning Frog/Panda Splash for the pinfall victory.

Now, if you thought the sigh of Cub beating Mask was something that wouldn’t happen, everyone in the building was even more shocked to see Mask removing his mask and giving it to his pupil as a sign of defeat. Even Cub himself was stunned this happened, but in the end the two of them embraced in quite the emotional moment. Definitely a Dragon Pro feels moment that won’t be soon forgotten for a long while.

Now before the next match begins, we are told that we would get a few words from Dragon Pro’s, Kat Von Kaige. She came out to a more mixed reaction, more boos from most women and kids, and a few cheers from the rowdier guys… like with the last show I covered, I WONDER WHY!!! Anyway she basically talked about how her match with Nixon Newell had to be held back since Nixon couldn’t make it to the show due to other commitments. Miss Kaige found this very deplorable and belittles Nixon for not showing up for their match. She would then go on to say that she’s not only better than her, but better than all of the women taking part in the Celtic Crown Tournament, and will go on to become the first ever Celtic Crown Champion. Straight to the point and throwing a bit of shade in the process, that’s the Vintage Villainess for you.

Dean Winter defeated Brendan White via Winterfell

More backstory! So, again, at the last Dragon Pro show, we saw a small alliance between Wild Boar and Dean Winter, with the former facing off against ‘The Workhorse’, Bronco-Brendan White. Even though Brendan was not able to win the match, he earned the respect from Boar. Winter, however, was not happy with this display and attacked Brendan after the match, seemingly ending this Wild Winter alliance.

This match was quite brutal, especially for Bronco as Dean did not want to go easy on Dragon Pro’s Workhorse. Dean could hit just as hard as he could scream and, boy, could the man scream. This sadly brought back the villainados of the crowd from their mysterious slumber from the last match’s sappiness, as they would yell just as loud as Dean would when he was on the offense. Seriously guys, can you not like the good guys even once? ‘BLACKWOOD!’ ‘BLACKWOOD YEEEEEAH!’ Oh Lord, that was the most irritating thing of the night for sure.

Even though Dean was bringing a lot of power to the match, Brendan would fight back with just as much, as he was determined to defeat this behemoth of a man. At one point, Brendan hit a massive spinning side slam! For anyone to do that move on the much larger Winter was something you’d make up in a story or something. A few people were definitely out of their seats for that one. He even brought out a second rope moonsault which was impressive as well. But even with all of this and more, Brendan still came up short as it was a Second Rope Cross Body from Dean, a move he calls the ‘WinTerfell’ that got him the pinfall victory. And that move was even more devastating to see as you wouldn’t expect a man as big as Winter to get to the second rope, let alone hitting a well-placed cross body like that. Maybe I should rephrase that, otherwise Winter will be coming for me next. Ummm, BLACKWOOD!!! YEEEEAH!!! D-did it work? I hope it worked.
Even still, Winter got himself an impressive single debut victory in this match and things will only get that much darker for anyone he faces in the future.

Before the main even took place, we were to get the results of the raffle, and out of nowhere, I was given a cup of tickets for people in the crowd to pick from, with three prizes in store! I felt awkward doing it a little as people wouldn’t really do it, so I just picked a bunch of kids in the end. Gosh I really need to work on not being so awkward around people.

Main Event
Danny Jones, Mike Bird and Bishop defeated Big Grizzly, Jonny Doe and Joe Mezzinger

This was the highly anticipated main event which was announced at the closing moments of the last show. During the ending on the last show’s main event between Grizzly and Danny Jones, Jon Doe and Joe Menzinger, the former Messy Joe Daniels, interfered in the match, helping Grizzly retain his championship. Mike Bird, Cal Adams and Brendan White came to Danny’s rescue after the match and Bird issued a 6-man tag challenge. Along with the hype to this show, it was announced that Bishop would be the third man in Jones and Bird’s team, and here we are now.

The match was definitely a great one to close the show on. The Grizzly trio of Doe, Joe and, erm, Grizzly were not being kind to their opponents as they were constantly being vicious through the match, delivering devastating damage to the more heroic trio. Grizzly was doing most of the work in this assault, so many things that would make you look the other way. At one point he tossed Mike so hard into the turnbuckle that Mike flew over it and hit the wooden floor on the outside. Of course, the villain-loving people not far from me were loving this – why are they ever here. I’m sorry, people have a right to cheer for who they want, but if you expect to cheer for all of the villains on the show, then you just don’t want to have a fun time do you?

The rest of the crowd, however, were much more in favour of Danny Jones, Mike Bird and Bishop. They were also poking fun at Joe with ‘Messy Joe’ chants throughout the match, which definitely got to him on a few occasions. Danny Jones would bring his diverse arsenal of moves against his opponents and had people cheering along with him every step of the way. Bird was using his usual offense of chops that could be heard across all of Newport, along with bits of technical play, and even a high flying clothesline! Yes! Mike Bird flies again! Bishop was the dark horse of the match for sure, bringing lots of power to anyone he was in the ring with, even to the champion Grizzly. At one point, during a moment when everyone was hitting finishers on each other, it came to Grizzly and Bishop with the champion hitting his Pop-Up Sit-Down Powerbomb on Bishop, only for him to kick out of it! It’s very, VEEEEERY rare to see someone kick out of that, and the big man had this look of sheer bewilderment on his face, as if he couldn’t believe that just happened. The end came when both Jon and Joe were at the top ropes, trying to hit some type of double team finishing move on Danny and Mike. They saw through this and dodged the duel attack, and then both would hit duel Gotch-Style Piledrivers on both men with Danny pinning Doe for the pinfall victory.

So, the show ended with the three heroes raising their arms in victory and the crowd celebrating with them as the champion and his two lackeys headed to the back to heal their wounds.

And that’s that, an end to another Dragon Pro show! If any of you managed to decipher any of the nonsense that I spouted out during this article and somehow enjoyed it, maybe you could come see the next Dragon Pro show. I’m not sure when that is exactly, but you can find out by following their social media stuff online. So make sure to check out all your Dragon Pro news, and I will hopefully see you all at the next show!

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