Rhys Review: Dragon Pro Wrestling: Next Wave (26/07/2015)

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Alright, a little over a month ago, the wrestling promotion I train with (Dragon Pro Wrestling) had their latest live event by the name of “Dragon Pro Wrestling: Next Wave”. Now I would have covered this show had I been there, but unfortunately for me, I was living back at my home address. Not unfortunate in the sense that I would get to chill out with my family and have meals cooked for me again, but unfortunate in that the trains where I live are pretty much non-existent on Sundays, which this shows was on (public transport in the Valleys is the worst.). So I may have been able to get to the event, but unless I brought a sleeping bag with me to sleep out on the streets of Newport, I wouldn’t have been able to go. And I couldn’t, making this my first Dragon Pro show that I haven’t been able to see since I started covering them… oh, the genuine guilt.

Luckily for me since I train with them, I was able to get myself the matches that went on since they recorded them during the event. So what do you know? I CAN actually review this show! Although just letting everyone know beforehand it won’t be the typical Dragon Pro review with intermission and venue talk since I wasn’t there live, so I can only cover on the matches that took place, which honestly is what people should be focusing on anyway since that the main reason people go to these shows, to watch grown or growing men and women grabbing each other in many different ways to get people to react to it. That may have sounded dirtier than I meant for it to? let?s just get on with the show shall we?

Opening Match
Team BCWF (Blake Andersen and Eddie Dark) defeated Old Money (Ian Williams III and Sir Philip Charles Hyde)
This opening match had the appearance of a tag team from the Belgian Wrestling School promotion, as Dragon Pro tends to team up with other places from time-to-time, which is definitely cool for the people seeing the show live, as well as the Dragon Pro grown talent since they get to work with other people from other places.

The match itself got people interested into the show in a nice way with Old Money often saying they were in Newport, ENGLAND to the dislike of those in attendance and using more dirty moves and show boasting. While BCWF took most of the beatings, they also showed a nice mixture of more flashier lucha like moves from Eddie and more technical ones from Blake. The match ended with Eddie hitting a Top Rope Splash on Hyde for the pinfall win while also starting off the show in a nice way.

Owen Wall defeated Alex Steele
This match seemed to be bit more tongue-in-check in the mood that it gave us, or at least that’s Alex seemed about it often chanting “Owen sucks” to get the crowd into the match and being more playful than Owen was in the match. Wall would have any of it though as he powerhoused Alex for most of the match, while Alex would get that underdog comeback towards the end with flashier moves. Sadly it didn’t work out in the end with Owen picking up the pinfall victory after a caught crossbody turned into a rope-assisted neck-breaker.

Bishop defeated Jayden Powell
Here we had the more arrogant Jayden Powell trying to tower up against the ever imposing Bishop. The word I used there though was ‘trying’ as Powell avoided Bishop at the start to “chicken” chants while using dirty moves to try and keep the big guy down. But all it really took was a huge Death Valley Driver from Bishop to finish off Powell in rather quite fashion. So in the case of who would win out of David and Goliath, it was actually Goliath who did so here in the form of Bishop.

Team #DannyJones (Danny Jones, G.P.T, Joey D and Lucky Bowden with Super G) defeated #TeamRamses (Ramses, Ethan Silver, Jezz Garner and Matt Horgan with Merlin Cambridge)
This eight man tag match was something I was one of the matches I looking forward to watch out of those advertised as it showcases a number of people who train at the Dragon Pro academy. I mean you the more likable guys in Team Danny who got cheered though most of the match, while those on Ramses’ team getting booed more. But it’s weird in that Garner and Horgan seemed to pull out impressive moves as a team people, they still got some claps from the crowd for the moves they did together. But attitude sometimes shows through more than skill and they seemed to have plenty of that. Maybe it was Ramses aggressive hard-hitting or Silver’s foul mouth and wile thinking. Maybe it Merlin and his presence that added to it. If that’s the case, he needs to learn something Super G, who made a better masked marvel in this match than other team did with rallying up the crowd and those in Team Danny. Lucky took most of the beating in the match, but that takes a lot of endurance for sure and that lead into helping his other teammates take it to the others. G.P.T getting love from the crowd with his power-lifting skills, and also both Danny Jones and Belgian Wrestling School’s Joey D, who equally had fast paced styles that got the crowd into the match even more than they were. The match ended when Danny hit a nasty looking Running Knee Strike on Ethan to gives the good guys the win. A very fun match and it showed with how much the crowd enjoyed it and I’m sure being there live would have only made it more enjoyable.

Dragon Pro Tag Team Championship: Titles VS Masks – One Last Time!
Panda Mask & Panda Cub defeated Team Reem (Mr Reem2 Scotty Essex and Drew Parker with Ethan Silver)
With a lot on the line in this match, I had a feeling this was going to be somewhat intend, and boy was it. I could feel how intense it was and that was just from the video I watched on the match, let alone what it must have felt like watching it live. To be honest, while this match was likely booked as the co-main event, I’d say this was the true main event of the show. It told a story before the match even started with this being the last chance for the two pandas, and not just for the tag team championships, but for wrestling in their masks ever again, which I’m sure is a majorly big deal for both of them. And the champions themselves had to make sure they didn’t lose their championships by any means necessary, as is usually the case with Team Reem of course. Scotty was pulling out flashy yet impactful moves while Parker was doing all he could in the worst possible way for his team. Granted both of them were doing this, mainly Parker, and even the other member of Teem Reem, Ethan Silver, yes the same Ethan Silver who previously completed in the night, got involved when the Ref wasn’t paying attention, both of them doing their best to break down the Pandas.

Of course the Pandas had more to prove and did so in their performance, with the young Cub being more dynamic with his high-risk, high-flying style, and even the larger Panda Mask going to the top and taking dives quite a few times. The ending came when Cub hit a Frog Splash on Essex to get the victory and the Dragon Pro Tag Team Championships. It was just a great pay-off to see the Pandas keep their masks and become the new tag champs while doing so. We even saw a bit of a possible change of heart from Scotty Essex after the match as The Yolo Squad (Drew Parker and Ethan Silver of Team Reem) attacked their now (at least I assume) former team member after they lost the titles. The Pandas ended up stopping this attack, saving Essex, who ended up shaking hands with the new champions for doing so. Or maybe he would have done this regardless of if YOLO attacked him after. Match of the night for me, I thoroughly enjoyed this match.

Shannon Nicole defeats Lana Austin
This match-up feature two women who make their debuts to the Dragon Pro Womens Division. While Shannon has been mentioned in past articles, this was her debut match for the promotion, while a rising UK womens wrestler in Lana Austin makes her debut for the promotion as a whole. Shannon started the match being timid, star struck and wanting to make friends with Lana, but she would have none of it, pushing away hug attempts and being all words that relate to viscous. As the match went on, Shannon got energy from the crowd who cheered her on and started to even up against Austin. The match came to an end with an bridge roll up in what was definitely a shocking victory. Nice action once again by the Dragon Pro women. I’m sure we’ll see more from Shannon in future shows being Dragon Pro made, but it would be nice to see Lana return sometime soon as well.

Main Event
All Wales Championship

Big Grizzly retains against Mike Bird
As expected, this was quite the slugfest to end this Dragon Pro show between the heavy-hitter Grizzly and the veteran Mike Bird. Much physicality in this match with more powerhousing and foul mouthed play by Grizz and mixtures of the usual high-risk and technical style of Mike Bird. Bodies on both parts were flying inside and outside of the ring, it was truly a match going out of your way if you ever see these two in the ring with one another. After the Ref took an unfortunate attack from Mike, Pariah Khan appeared from outside to help with interference in favour of Big Grizzly. Even after a kick out from Mike though, Grizzly ultimately won after a Sit-out Powerbomb and the pinfall win. After the match Mike hit his Piledriver finisher on Khan as retribution for him costing Bird the title. I’m sure Killer Karan would not be happy to hear than happened to his manager, but everyone else seemed to like it.

So yeah, while I couldn’t make this show live, I’m so glad I got to see these match in some form or another and cover this for everyone. Now if I have managed to interest you enough to possibly go about attending the next Dragon Pro show, then you’re in luck since you don’t have to wait too long. The next show, called “True Believers!” will be on Sunday 27th September 2015 at, as usual, the Rodney Palace in Newport. I can understand why most valley people would be able to attend as you run into the same problem I had with public transport. Seriously, I hope this can improve in the near future. But luckily I will be back to living in Cardiff by the next show since my second year at uni begins, so I can attend the show live. If you want to know more about Dragon Pro, then I’ll have info down below for you to attend the next show, as well as their regular social media info, which would also be the better place to contact them about training if anyone would be interested in doing some over with us.

“True Believers!” Event  https://www.facebook.com/events/502880689868007/
“True Believers!” Tickets  https://next.fatsoma.com/dragon-pro-wrestling/cmbw5cfl/dragon-pro-wrestling-true-believers
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dragon-Pro-Wrestling/211753345507269
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UKDragonPro

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