Rhys Review: Dragon Pro Wrestling: Revolution (29/11/2015)

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Hello once again my beloved readers! Or maybe I’m just speaking to myself when I say “beloved readers” since I don’t really get that much feedback on the articles I post for this website (sobs in corner as reality sets in)

Well whether I have readers or not, I am taking the time to review a recent Dragon Pro Wrestling show that I recently got to help out at as ring crew for the first time  because I darn well feel like it. I like wrestling. It takes my mind briefly off of real life issues I may be having, like adjusting to new depression/sleeping tablets due to ongoing insomnia issues, or failing to catch up to current University deadlines because of said health issues and missing lectures as a result. But through all the bad times, I can safely say that wrestling isn’t one of them, and Dragon Pro is most definitely not one of them. Dragon Pro came around once again to the Rodney Parade in Newport, Wales, holding its ‘Revolution’ show that featured a large amount of fresh faces from the Dragon Pro academy; a place where yours truly is currently training at as well. So as a fan of wrestling, and also as someone who wants the best for who I train alongside in my own path to making in this weird business, I wanted to see this show do well – and boy did it do well.

I’m going to start off really quickly by mentioning that I worked as ring crew during the show, I watched and listened to what I could, but I had to make sure people weren’t doing anything shady and nothing that would interfere with the action in anyway. Luckily nothing much happened, just some weird goings on with some people who seemed to overstay their welcome that I saw anyway. I manned the rails near disabled but didn’t imagine anything much would be going on – I still made sure they were alright and that people near the railing were being appropriate during the show. Nothing major happened as I said, so it all seemed okay. Now since I summed up what happened during open doors times and intermission, I should get going with this thing.

Opening Match
Danny Jones defeated Wild Boar
This opening match got the people into the show with two former All Wales Champions fighting it out once again. Boar seemed to put more of the aggression and ruthlessness in the match as he does whenever he is in the ring, while Danny took most of this beat and tried to get support from the crowd, which they happily gave him plenty of it. In the end, Danny pulled out a pinfall victory over the former All Wales Champion after hitting a Falcon Arrow. This result made a lot of people happy, expect for Boar that is. After the match, Boar attacked Danny from behind following a low blow, which prompted Bishop; who was watching the show from behind a guardrail as he was recovering from an injury that took him off the card, to scare off the wild man. This match-up between Bishop & Boar was originally supposed to happen at this show, as the former’s injury prevented that from happening this time. But judging from their encounter, that match is bound to happen in the near future.

Dragon Pro Wrestling Rookie of the Year Semi-Finals Match
Cal Adams defeated Lucky Bowden
This match featured two of Dragon Pro Academy’s finest in its rising talent, and they had a very good showing for themselves here. Both of them were getting quite the affection from crowd, especially Lucky from two members ‘claiming’ to be his parents. This could be pointed out by them calling him a name other than Lucky and mentioning that his boxers were showing during one point in the match. Poor Lucky, I felt embarrassed FOR him during these moments. Still, he pushed unnecessary affection aside and did his best to catch Cal out, but in the end it was ‘The Wonderboy’ who pulled out the pinfall win to the finals in this match after hitting a flying knee strike. Lucky was still a good sport after the match as he held Cal’s arm up, making people appreciate both of these talented young stars. Hopefully with less parent coddling, both will continue to make it big in Dragon Pro.

Dragon Pro Wrestling Rookie of the Year Semi-Finals Match
Matt Horgan (with Jezz Gardner and Merlin Obadiah Cambridge) defeated Oliver Satchwell
In a match-up of the arrogant upstart in Matt Horgan, alongside his Pure Breed tag team partner, Jezz and the young, plucky, wrestling freestyle grappler Oliver Satchwell, Matt seemed to get more help from the likes of Jezz and Merlin getting involved in the match while the ref was distracted. Oliver did get to show off his amuteur wrestling background which worked very effectively on Horgan. In what seemed like a closing moment, however, with The British Lion locking in a Boston Crab like move on Horgan, Jezz distracted the referee longer, enough for Merlin to enter the ring and whack the singlet-wearing newbie with a weapon of some sort. Matt pinned Oliver after this to get himself the win and an advance in the finals, which will take place after Intermission sometime. Will we see the same tactics being used in his match against ‘The Wonderboy’? That will be answered further on.

Shannon Nicole & Mike Bird defeats Ian Williams III & Kat Von Kaige
This rare inter-gender tag team match that featured the team of former Dragon Pro Rookie of the Year, Ian Williams III, and a fresh face in the Kat Von Kaige, who got a mix of cheers from the men and hisses from the women – HMMMM, I WONDER WHY?!?! Shannon came out next with her trusted partner in crime, Spot, the fuzzy, wuzzy dinosaur, both clad in Bazinga shirts from that one show people may have heard of, with such quotes as. “Bazinga”. Okay I don’t watch enough Big Bang Theory compared with most, okay! GOSH! Anyway, before her partner could be called out she mentioned she couldn’t find a partner in time, so she had a ten count for anyone in the back to accept her offer before the match would turn into a two on one handicap match. But luckily for her just as the countdown reached its end, the Dragon Pro Founder himself, Newport’s own, the man they call “Ginger Jesus”, Mike Bird, accepted her offer.

This oddly enough preceded Ian to exit out of the ring and ‘hide’, behind me?! “He’ll fight you instead!” he kept yelling from behind me. Really? The second time I work as ring crew for a wrestling show anywhere, and the second time Ian involves me in one of his matches! How does that happen? Maybe I need to stay clear from him before I get myself in trouble, hurt, or worse.

So the match itself had Mike mostly beating the heck out of Ian when the two were in the ring together, and Ian trying to sneak his way out of fighting him whenever he could, coming over to me a few times because, I guess he likes me or something? Lucky me, I guess. The women weren’t ones to slouch in the match either as Kat, despite this being her debut, held her own against one of Dragon Pro’s favourites by pulling out moves that matched her classy and elegant demeanour one second, and one that switched to a more aggressive and vicious style. Shannon was able to hold her own against the newcomer in Kat however as she held her off quite well against the newcomer, and even got in Ian’s face a couple of times when he tried to get involved with her. One moment durng the end of the match had Kat chop Mike across the chest a few times to no effect and even slapped him across the face. She ended up getting a single chop from Mike that could heard and felt across Newport, it was truly brutal. Though she did ask for it after doing that to him I suppose.

The match ended with the pinfall victory after a “GAME OVER” Double Footstomp from Shannon, onto Ian, jumping off of Mike’s shoulders.
So Mike proves why he’s the man they call “Ginger Jesus” while Shannon racks up another impressive win. And while Kat didn’t win here, she wanted to make it clear to everyone that she means business by slapping the already saddened expression off of Ian’s face after the match, claiming he was the reason for the loss since he got pinned. Not happy that her debut ended in a loss, Kat Von Kaige made something of a statement in that action against the former Rookie of the Year, and it’ll definitely be interesting to see how she does from here on out.
And just when Ian thought there weren’t any rays of sunshine in his grey world, someone came to cheer him up! And no it wasn’t me before anyone asks; I know you were thinking it. It was his fellow Old Money partner, Sir Philip Charles Hyde. They embraced, and I won’t lie, it was very sweet.

Intermission was after this and not much happened other than me noticing a few people who just suddenly turned up to the show. Even though they had tickets, they seems a little ‘too happy’ to be there if you get what I mean, so I tried to keep an eye on them the best I could.

Dragon Pro Tag Team Championships
Panda Mask & Cub retained against The Massive Party (Chuck Cyrus & Robbie Cain)
This match had the already established champions from Bristol Zoo facing the muscle bound, macho manly men of Robbie Cain and Chuck Cyrus, better known as ‘The Massive Party’. Mask took most of the beating as the Massive focused more on showing the crowd how ‘stacked’ they were with many flexes of their body, dance moves and general weight references, which the crowd seemed to like since it made them laugh more than anything, even though it came across as more self-loathing to me, but hey, it’s good they made the crowd happy. However it was almost to the point where it overpowered the audiences’ interest in the Tag Team Champions, which is a sad thing to see. I say this as during the match, both Robbie & Chuck spat in Panda Cub’s face while he was on the apron as they were beating down Mask in the corner, and the crowd hardly reacted to it. I mean they SPAT at the kid, and the people acted like he deserved it. And why, because the Party Men “made them laugh” – I’m sorry? But that’s NOT an okay thing, I know what it feels like to be spat at, it is not an okay feeling. Or maybe they didn’t see them or something, maybe I’m looking too much into it where I saw the action happen. Even still the two workout worshippers got their comeuppance in the end as both Pandas would make their comebacks and eventually land a synced Top Rope Panda Splashes to retain the titles. The man was still fun and was one of the Panda’s biggest matches to date, forgive the pun. If The Massive Party comes back, maybe they will have a different attitude towards the champions.

Dragon Pro Wrestling Rookie of the Year 2015 Finals
Cal Adams defeated Matt Horgan (with Jezz Gardner and Merlin Obadiah Cambridge)
Before the match even began, as this was the finals of the Rookie of the Year Tournament, a special guest referee was appointed for the match, and it was none other than the man who helped train these two wrestlers into what they are now. The previously mentioned Ginger Jesus, Mike Bird.
While The Pure Breed didn’t seem to like this decision to begin with, they managed to work a few sneaky tactics into the match like they did against Satchwell in their previous match when Mike was distracted. However Cal managed to out best Matt in his sketchy shenanigans and even managed to stop another attempt from Merlin attacking him the same way Oliver was taken out. Matt took the weapon hit instead while Mike was distracted and Cal finished him of and got the pinfall victory. After the match Mike even hit Matt Horgan after he got in the face of the creator of Dragon Pro, so all but The Pure Breed had a good time at the end of it all.
The Wonderboy joins the likes of Mark Andrews (2010), Wild Boar (2011), Ian Williams III (2012), Danny Jones (2013) and Owen Wall (2014) as alumni in the Dragon Pro Rookie of the Year history books. All of the past winners have gone on to do great things in their careers so far, I wonder where Cal’s will take him. Congratulations are still in order, and even to Matt Horgan as well for being a runner-up as well.

Prince Awatar defeated El Hijo Del Horowitz
In this open challenge match, the ever imposing Prince Awatar issued an open challenge to anyone who wished to try and stop him in his path, so this was answered by, some random guy in a cobra mask by the name of El Hijo Del Horowitz. I mean, something about him seemed familiar honestly, but I don’t know, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Though he fell into the ring as he made his entrance from the ropes so he had sympathy points from that, even though he had a ton before since he answered Awatar’s challenge after all. Awatar practically ripped apart the unknown wrestler, and even though Horowitz managed to get some small hits in, they weren’t anywhere near enough to bring this monster down as he pummelled him some more before getting the pinfall victory.
Now I have to say, one thing baffled me during the match is the fact that Awatar mostly got cheers over the weirdly clumsy masked marvel. Okay maybe people not knowing who the masked guy was made somewhat more sense, but this is only Awatar’s second match so he’s still relatively new as well. Despite this, he got cheered when really he shouldn’t have after attacking the new Rookie of the Year, Cal Adams, on the last show during their match for no apparent reason. It was mainly one group of people that got most of the others to cheer alongside him, like a weird cult. Still very bizaare, but at least he’s getting people to be interested in him. Awatar still looked impressive as he practically slaughtered the unfortunate Horowitz and finished him off with his Zamunda Slam and the pinfall win. He’s definitely impressing a lot of people, one in particular being Pariah Khan.

Now of course the last time we saw him he got a good dozen so chops and a Gotch Piledriver from one Mike Bird. Now he has returned from this, without his faithful Kalliban, and now seemingly endorsing his new advocate, Prince Awatar. So whether it’s Pariah Khan behind his back or the Awatarage (It’s a combo of the words ‘Awatar’ and ‘Entourage’ for those that had face paint and signs for him in the crowd, I’m sure you got that) or even if it’s just himself, it’s clear that Awatar wil be a force to be feared in the future shows to come. Also as a quite mention it was during this match where I noticed that going of people being inappropriate as they somehow managed to sneak into the womens toilets during the show and also left through the disabled exit. So I had to keep an eye out in case they’d do anymore daft things or if anyone else would follow through their daft example.

Main Event: All Wales Championship
Big Grizzly retained against Scotty Essex
This match was arguably the best of the night, and one that had the biggest story going into it. Big Grizzly, the big, bad, bully and champion of Dragon Pro Wrestling manages to beat up and beat down all the challengers that step in front of him, facing off against Scotty “Mr. Reem” Essex for battling through most of his life against people like Grizzly who pick on others for being different. This match had a lot riding on it, but some of that attention was spent being on the lookout for idiocy as mentioned. Though what I saw was definitely intense with Grizzly overpowering Mr. Reem through most of the match, even going as far to have slammed him through one of the guardrails, which has since left a physical bend in that railing since. Scotty still put up a strong effort though with his usual mix of British and Mexican styles, with some big spots including a Moonsault to the outside on Grizzly and even picking up the 300 pounder for a Death Valley Driver. As you’d expect there was quite a number of shenanigans in this match with a ref being knocked out, Grizzly exposing one of the turnbuckle and even a few belt shot attempts at Scotty, which he managed to duck a few. In the end however all of this chaos was the perfect way for Grizzly to distract Essex enough to Powerbomb him into the exposed turnbuckle and hit a Pop up Powerbomb for the pinfall victory. Big Grizzly after the match seemed to pay his respects to Scotty for putting up a good fight, but instead tricked him and everyone in attendance by attacking him after, getting many boos from the audience. He then got on the mic to say that he has beaten all the top contender in Dragon Pro and wants a bigger and better challenge to anyone around the world. This prompted an announcement that someone would face him on the March 2016 show and a personal image that only Grizzly saw that had him visibly shaken. This closed the show as people were sent home wondering who it was that had Big Grizzly so shaken up, I know I’m curious as to who it is.

But yeah that about does it really. Another incredibly fun show that focused on a bunch of new faces and still a number of Dragon Pro regulars to entertain the fine folks in Newport. Again the next show will be in March in the new year, so make sure to stick with the Dragon Pro social media sites to find out more about those show when they come around. I guess that’s me done for the time being. Hopefully this article can make its way to you – I’ll write to you all soon.

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