Rhys Review: Dragon Pro Wrestling: The Big Rumble (31/1/2016)

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*Disclaimer:The following article may contain inappropriate/foul language. Viewerdiscretion is advised.*

So,a new year, a new start for the people at Dragon Pro Wrestling, and a newbeginning for SO MANY new faces. This show from the Rodney parade at Newport on31st January this year was one that would be talked about for quite a while,mainly due to the craziness that the main event created as well as those whotook part in it. The event in question was titled ‘The BigRumble’ which had a Main Event of a 30 person over the top ropeelimination match to crown a number 1 contender for the All Wales Championship.So since I said 30 people, that means a lot happened in that match alone, sothis review will definitely be a long one, so if you want a break after readingsome of the other matches beforehand, I don’t blameyou. With that said while I want to go into as much specifics of what happenedtonight as possible, I’ll mainly stick to key moments from the Rumble as well as whoimpressed the most for the people there at the night.

Soyeah, let’s get ready to rumble! … Ugh why’d Ihave to say that? I’m cringing right now.

Nowbefore the show can even begin, I have to say that the turn out for this show – damn,crazy doesn’t begin to describe how full it was. One minute I was writingdown names of people who had tickets with them as I was helping out as arunner, but the next thing I knew all the seats were full and there were stilla good dozen or two people outside. Quite a lot of them had to stand up as wedid not have enough chairs for this show. As okay as the Rodney Parade is,if/when we have bigger events like this in the future, maybe we could find abigger venue and see how that does. CHIKARA will be holding their next Walesshow at The Neon in Newport, if that place is any bigger, maybe an event inthere would be a nice upgrade. You never know, it could happen.

Opening Match
All of Nothing Match
Matt Horgan with Merlin ObadiahCambridge defeated Danny Jones

Inthis match, the winner would enter the battle royal at number 30, being thelast person to enter, while the loser would enter at number 1, being the firstperson to enter, so there were definitely heavy stakes already in place, and wewere only in the opening match.

Pure Breed member, Matt Horgan came out to the ring with manager Merlin ObadiahCambridge in toe, who got on the mic to call everyone **** and how Matt Horganwould enter the ring last and become the next number one contender. The fansdidn’t like this all that much, but they definitely liked Danny as hegot a nice reaction from the sell-out crowd. The match was a nice opener with Danny having some nice comebacks and Mattusing dirty tactics and having assistance from Merlin on the outside while Mattdistracted the ref.

The end came after Danny hit a Falcon Arrow on Horgan for a pinfall attempt,but Merlin distracted the ref once again. Danny soon grabbed Merlin andthreatened to hit him, but what he or the ref didn’t knowwas the Merlin slide in a clipboard of some kind which Matt used on Danny whilethe ref was sorting out Merlin. Matt got the roll up after this for the pinfallvictory. I guess shenanigans paid off on this occasion as Matt would have a hugeadvantage going into the Rumble while Danny would have to pull off a high oddfeat.

Dragon Pro Tag TeamChampionships
Panda Mask & Cub retainagainst The Henchmen (Benton Destruction & Jim Diehard) with Grimm

Thistag team had challengers from the AMP Wrestling promotion, The Henchmen, formedby Benton Destruction and ‘The Unit’ JimDiehard, who also brought AMP Champion, Grimm with them, going after the muchloved champions of Panda Mask & Cub. This match had Cub taken a longbeat-down from the heavy hitting powerhouses and even having some help fromGrimm while they distracted the ref a few times. The younger Panda was able tothe fight back to the challengers a few times, and when he got Mask into thematch, everything was evened up nicely and they delivered some tag team prowessof their own.
In the end, the champions retained after a ‘Pandouken’ finish(a Double Palm Strike from Mask into a pinning combination from Cub) which sawCub get the pinfall victory as Mask did a suicide dive to one of the Henchmenon the outside. Another challenging team down, another win from Bristol Zoos best attraction.

Dragon Pro Styles ClashShowcase
Chris Brookes defeated Mr Massive Chuck Cyrus

Thismatch saw the debut of one of the rising UK talents in Chris Brookes facing offagainst the leader of ‘The Massive Party, Chuck Cyrus, who definitely had one of thebiggest reactions of the night. And he was already having a good time gettingpeople to chant ‘Massive Party’ which upset Brookes to thepoint of leaving the match. He managed to come back at the end of a ten countbut kept dodging Cyrus whenever he could. He managed to use this strategy totrick Chuck a few times though, going after him with cheat shots and a mixtureof submissions that were rather impressive. Though Chuck wouldn’t letthis happen for most of the match as he mixed his comedic style with manypowerful manoeuvre and even a few flashy moves you wouldn’t expectfrom someone so massive. Despite his attempt however, Chris Brookes ended up getting the win after acontroversial pin using the ropes for leverage while the ref did not notice. Asgreat as a talent is, you’d think he wouldn’tresort to such tactics but here he did and the people really didn’t likethis as they were fully behind the Massive Party.

All Wales Championship
Big Grizzly retained EddieDennis

Thiswas billed as the ‘Co-Main Event’. We saw the ever imposingchampion Big Grizzly taking on ‘The Pride of Wales’ EddieDennis. Eddie was definitely adored by fans during this match as many of thepeople were chanting for the man to become the new champion. One chant included‘Smash him up Eddie, smash him up!’ whichI thought was a thoughtful way of censoring what that chant would usually golike. I mean, you need to think of the children in the audience after all.

Still, this match was quite something to see as both men went back and forth,even having some outside action a few times. One of the ring turnbuckles evenbroke off the ring the action was so intense! Luckily the ring crew at handwere able to fix this rather quickly while the two fought to the outside. Therewas more foul play from Grizzly with unbuckling a turnbuckle and even spittingin Eddie face at one point, but neither of these things would keep Dennis down.Both even hitting big time finishing moves that both managed to kick out offand the place was truly electric for this match.

In the end however, it was a huge Pop-up Sit-down Powerbomb from Grizzly thatscored him the pinfall victory and another successful championship win. Bothmen truly gave it their all and it was a great match to see, Grizzly even gotsome claps from the crowd, even if they didn’t likethe way he portrayed himself to them, not like he would care what they thoughtanyway.

Nextwas a quick intermission break where people could try and collect themselvesready for the Main Event to follow shortly. I helped try to sell raffle ticketssince you can’t have a wrestling event without a good ol’ wrestling raffle. Imanaged to sell a nice number of tickets to people who stayed in their seats andnot wanting to be a part of the mass of people getting up to refill on food anddrinks or whatever else. It was truly crazy how many people were moving aboutwanting to get tickets and merchandise.

Main Event
The Big Rumble
Winner: Danny Jones
Other participants: Ian Williams III, Cal Adams, Jon Doe, Dynamite Karl Hinde,Oliver Sudden, Wild Boar, Panda Cub, Reg Leake, Kazador, Glyn Harries, PrinceAwatar, Lucky Bowden, Owen Wall, Dean Winter, Mr. Bananas, Brendan White,Bishop, Chris Brookes, Jim Diehard, Phillip Charles Hyde, Benton Destruction,Mike Bird, Oliver Satchwell, Nixon Newell, Grimm, Chuck Cyrus, Panda Mask,Messy Joe Daniels and Matt Horgan.

Asmentioned earlier, this ‘Big Rumble’ is an over the top battle royal that would determine who wouldbecome the new number one contender for the All Wales Championship. Now Icannot possibly go through every single thing that happened in the match asthat would take too long, so I’ll try to pick a few keymoments that made the match stand out. You know, to make those who didn’t seethe show feel that much guiltier for not going. Hey if they regret going, thenthey should have got tickets in the first place, that’s all I’msaying.

– Not a key moment per say, but a large amount of Dragon Pro Academy traineesmade their debut in this match which made the trainee in me so happy to see.These include Jon Doe, Oliver Sudden, Reg Leake, Glyn Harries, Dean Winter(more on later), Brendan White and Messy Joe Daniels. Most to all of them gotvery nice reactions from the crowd, probably since most of them were friendsand/or families (the reason why the show was so full of people), but it wasstill nice to see everyone get the crowd behind them.

– Ian Williams III being the first to be eliminated, and by the 2015 Rookie ofthe Year Cal Adams no less. That’s a bigtip in the cap, what with Williams being a former All Wales Champion.

– Prince Awatar being eliminated seconds after he entered the ring by everyone,literally, everyone. Awatar wasn’t toohappy about this and re-entered the ring to demolish everyone, yes, everyone.Pariah Khan appeared from the back to stop his new prized beast and puteveryone on notice. The people weren’t toohappy about this as you can imagine and the two left soon after.

– One of the debuts, Dean Winter, was a force to be reckoned with as whilsteveryone attacked him, similar to that of Awatar, he was able to push everyoneaway and get a few good eliminations of his own, including and a crowdfavourite in Mr. Bananas.

– When Bishop entered, he eliminated the impressive Dean Winter and alsomanaged to eliminate Wild Boar, which unfortunately meant he eliminated himselfin the process. The two would continue to fight outside the ring, but Winterreturned to help Boar double team Bishop. Maybe this was just a one-time thingwith Dean being wronged by Bishop eliminating him, or maybe there’s moreto this team that one would think. Who knows? Thefuture will I suppose.

– Nixon Newell being the only girl in the match and giving Chris Brookes a breath-takingtilt-a-whirl head scissors DDT that had people jump out of their seats. Hertaking a huge bicycle kick from Brookes was a sight as well, not in a good waythough.

– As a link from the last one, Dragon Pro’sVenerable Vintage Villainess Kat Von Kaige appeared on the stage from out ofnowhere to talk to Nixon, saying that while she respects her as a talent, shefound it deplorable that she would enter herself in a MALE match. She said shedoesn’t deserve it, to which the crowd would chant ‘Yes shedoes’ many times. This distraction caused Brookes to eliminate Nixonand then Kaige would attack her on the outside. The two would brawl for alittle before Kaige threw Nixon into the guardrail and have ring crew lift herto the back kicking and screaming. Seems to me there may more to this exchangein the future, I mean the crowd wants it after chanting her name while she washelped to the back, so give the people what they want I say.

– At one point, while both Pandas eliminate Messy Joe, Panda Mask would shockeveryone in attendance by eliminating his co-tag team champion partner soonafter. I suppose in his mind it was every man for himself, even if thatincluded tag team partner. Cub was not happy about this to say the least.Hopefully this doesn’t hurt their team for the future.

– The final four of the match were Danny Jones, Owen Wall, Chris Brookes andMatt Horgan, so the odds were against Dany, though he managed to eliminate bothBrookes and Wall, leaving the two men who started the show the ones to end it,how very appropriate.

– These two had a heated back and forth with the entire crowd behind Danny asmuch as they were from the start of the match, seeing as entered at number one.At one point Horgan landed on top of his head during one moment, luckily heseemed to be fine. Hey, even if someone has a rotten personality doesn’t meanyou want to see them really hurt themselves. Merlin, who accompanied Horgan tothe ring, interfered a few times, nearly causes several elimination attempts toDanny, but in the end he threw Horgan over the top rope and won the Big Rumble.

Allof that do anything for you? Well it should, and there were still many momentsfrom the match that I didn’t talk about that had everyoneon their feet. When Danny was announced the winner and everyone in the Paradewere going nuts for him, the All Wales Champion Big Grizzly came out briefly tostare down the new challenger to give him a solid message. No words needed,just showing the fact that he’s champion and Danny has amajor task in front of him. Will he be up to the task? Will he be able toregain the All Wales Champion again? Well, go to the show that this match willtake place at and see for yourselves.

Sothat was Dragon Pro’s Big Rumble event, truly one to remember by all involved. Thosewho paid to see the show live, maybe those who read this and other discussionsof the show online, and more importantly, but everyone who took part in theshow. I for one found it quite emotional, and I am of course referring to allthe trainees who made their debuts for Dragon Pro. Seeing so many people I getto train with finally make it onto a show and have their moments was such anamazing feeling, makes me hope that one day I can join them in all the action.Maybe someday, but this was their moment and I’m sure they won’t beforgetting about this anytime soon, or ever.

Ican only imagine what the future shows will be like, and as of the time I postthis article, it seems the women at Dragon Pro won’t beleft out either as they have since started their own women only sessions everyWednesday now, and they also announced a tournament for Dragon Pro’s newlycreated Celtic Crown Womens Championship. Thatwill likely involved the women in the academy, so we could be seeing even morenew faces this year as well as a new Women’s Champion again. It willdefinitely be nice to see the women getting some attention again and a newchampionship or crown, or whatever it will look like, shows that this is thecase.

Ifyou need to know more about Dragon Pro and other news pieces they post online,keep up to date with their different social media sites so you should all bedoing the same. This is me done for this Dragon Pro show; hope to see you allin the next.

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