Rhys Review: Dragon Pro Wrestling: You Want Some? 15/3/2015

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Hello, people of the Wicid viewership. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these things; university and 7 hours (at least) a day of nonstop drawing and sleepless night will do that to you.

So, a while back I wrote a review for my first ever professional wrestling show at the Dragon Pro Wrestling promotion based in Newport. It was truly an experience that I will never forget. It was rowdy, exciting, and always so enticing; one of the better moments from 2014 for me. So, when I heard that there would be another show on March 15th called ‘Dragon Pro Wrestling: You Want Some!?’ I thought, “Meh, why not? I can get some life drawing done of some of the people in the crowd or waiting to enter the building, and watch some matches of possible future big name stars on TV someday. I mean that’s what happened to Mark Andrews, aka Mandrews of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, right? Besides, I need to see something else in my life besides paper and pencils, else I’ll literally go insane.”

Once again there was quite a bit of action that appealed to everyone in attendance throughout the night. Some comedy moments, exposure of newer names, three championship matches, two of which crowned a first and new champions respectively, somebody even lost the right to stay in Newport altogether, I believe he even lived in Newport at the time. A nice little surprise happened to me personally at the end of the show as well – which I’ll mention towards the end. But until then, I’ll just talk about each of the matches and some of the cool, and maybe not so cool things that happened in them.

Opening Match

‘The Mexican Sensation’ El Ligero Def Ian Williams III – Via top rope splash.

Seeing some of El Ligero from the last season of TNA British Boot Camp, he was definitely someone who would be cool to see live someday on account of his high-octane, lucha-like wrestling style. And I was right, it was all the more impressive here. I especially liked the ‘Shoryuken’ spot that was called during the match, man gets respect for that Street Fighter reference. As Ligero attempted the top rope splash, I was a little concerned that he would have gone for something with higher velocity as the ceiling seemed to be quite low and most of the people who competed during the night could practically touch it after standing on the spot turnbuckle.

Even still, it was a very fun opening match that got the live crowd off to a good start.

NGW – New Generation Wrestling X Dragon Pro Wrestling Interpromotional Tag Team Match

Liam Lazarus (NGW) and Daniel Jones (DRA PRO) Def Dan James (NGW) and Jezz Gardner (DPW) – A breakdown in communication of the impromptu tag partners means Dan James takes the pin after a Danny Jones flying knee and Lazarus Slice (Cutter) combination.

This was an interesting match, it involved both Danny Jones and Jezz Gardner whose wrestling really interested me from the first show, as well as it being an Interpromotional match involving another company. Granted, I’ve never heard of them before, but after this match, it definitely got me interested to heard more about them for sure. If there were any NGW shows in the South Wales area, I’d definitely consider going to one to see the other stars over there, as this match was entailed to do of course.

But yeah, a very fun match that involved quite a bit of cheeky dancing from Lazarus with his opponents, and saw some happy people dancing along with him and Danny after the match was over.

Singles Match

FLYING Mike Bird VS Killer Karan /W Pariah Khan – Ruled to a no contest following a failure to break on a referee’s count after brawling around the ringside area.

After some enraged words from Khan before the match started about how Karan was not given the respect he deserves, we headed to a match that actually had some backstory from the previous show, as it was Karan who interfered in the main event of the last show, where he cost Mike Bird the chance of winning the All Wales Mens Championship. This match was what I expected it to be, more brawling than wrestling, although both men did pull out quite a few impressive spots during the match that made me want to see more of them in the future, whether it be against each other, or other people.

And of course in the end, when security had to sustain both parties at the end of this match, I could tell this wouldn’t be the last of these two getting in each other’s business.

GOLDEN TICKET BATTLE ROYAL. Featuring Jaden Powell, Randy Sinclair, “Sleazy” Dave Mercy, Lucky Bowden, Sir Phillip-Charles Hyde, Sarasun, Mr Bubbles and Capn Dick Morgan alongside some of the trainees of the Dragon Pro Academy. – Won by Captain Dick, eliminating Sir Phillip Hyde, earning a title shot of his choice on the next show.

This was also a nice change of pace as this included a lot of fresh faces that haven’t had much exposure to a live audience, in terms of the Dragon Pro trainees, so it was interesting to see all these new faces being given a chance. It seemed that Lucky Bowden was more of a hit with the women in the crowd, it’s just a shame I had a majority of them sitting in the same row as me (my ears are still recovering). But of course he got eliminated second and I was laughing in my head – yeah I’m a little bit of a sadist, what of it. Hopefully he gets given more chances, though, as crowd reaction is a reason to get more ring time in the future, in fact I hope all of the trainees and everyone else in the match get more chances in the future. Though it seems Captain Dick will be getting one sooner than the rest, which should be nice to see when it happens.

Nothing much happened during the intermission, just did a few quick sketches because it has consumed the one free roaming/lazy boned person that I once was.

Dragon Pro Tag Team Championship

TEAM REEM’s YOLO SQUAD ( Drew Parker and Ethan Silver) /W “Mr Reem” Scotty Essex Def PANDA MASK & CUB. – Panda Mask took the fall following a shot with the belt as Mr Reem interfered, allowing for one of the YOLO SQUAD to get the sneaky pin.

Before the match Mr Reem announced that all future TEAM REEM title defences would be held under “REEM RULES” meaning any member of TEAM REEM can defend them, so just think the Freebird Rule to those wrestling fans who have stuck around to this portion of the review. This match was indeed interesting as it included both Park and Silver, who had a nice (or rather not so nice) attitude about them, with them and their boy Scotty pulling out a few chuckle worthy lines during the match. They also impressed in the ring, although the team of Panda Mask & Cub did more so. Hopefully they get another chance at the titles in the future, although if not, I’m sure they?ll find some way to do so.

All Wales Womens Championship

Pollyanna Def Nixon Newell /W Dragon Pro Academy trainee, Shannon Nicole. Via the Blackout Driver.

Now this was my main event of the night, not so much to the other people in attendance (I don’t know what was wrong with those people). It had a story going into the match, with the inclusion of Shannon making it even more meaningful since she was attacked at the last show by Pollyanna for reasons that have still yet to be explained. We saw some sick spots from both Polly and Nixon during the match, a few suicide dives and a Moonsault from Nixon being the better ones. Some Superkicks. Samoan Drivers, they gave it their all. A personal favourite moment during the start was towards the outside where you could heard Nixon loudly claiming ‘Excuse me?’ to Polly, turning her around before chopping her across the chest! Well, at least she was polite about it.

There was some nasty play involved from Polly as you’d expect, included a bottle full of water in Nixon’s face, though that didn’t stop her from coming back from it. An attempted Vulture Destroyer from Nixon (I really wished she ended up hitting that move, it’s a beauty to see), however, ended up costing the match as Polly got the clean win and ended up being the inaugural/first ever All Wales Womens Champion. Of course she wasn’t my pick, but Polly has been a classy competitor in the places I’ve watched, and despite her current attitude here, her being the first female graduate from Dragon Pro and her being the first ever champion for them has to be a really nice moment for her.

After the match Pollyanna continued to assault Nixon when Shannon made the save, standing up to our new champion before referees broke them apart. Maybe we’ll get to see what Shannon can do inside the ring sometime soon, that’d be interesting to see for sure.

Loser Leaves Newport Match

Randy Sinclair Def “SLEAZY” Dave Mercy via Pedigree

Randy came out before the match mentioning his losing streak with the company which Sleazy Mercy came out to break the fourth wall with the crowd for whatever reason and claimed that he wants Sinclair gone, altogether.

This match definitely brought out an even nastier yet still weirdly playful side of Mercy as he just toyed with Randy as if he was nothing. That all changed in the end though as Randy ended up breaking his losing streak and sending Dave out of Newport. It seems this part of Wales may indeed be a little less Sleazier now, for better or worse. But I suppose that means we don’t see his entrance anymore, I do not want that man’s crotch/cleavage anywhere near my body anytime, erm, ever.

Main Event

All Wales Mens Championship 3 Way Dance

Big Grizzly Def The Wild Boar and Rampage Brown – Big Grizzy stole the pin from Rampage brown Following a signature Rampage Piledriver to Wild Boar.

This match, honestly, was equally as good as the Womens match on the card which showed the crowd favourite of the night in Rampage Brown, who is indeed bigger than he appeared to be on TNA British Boot Camp and on the Impact Wrestling/TNA Xplosion shows he also appeared on. Each person pulled out stops in the match that the crowd very much liked. It was also very cool seeing two massive monsters in Grizzly and Brown standing toe-to-toe with each other. But of course ultimately, my pick didn’t retain and Grizzly becomes the new champion, which is cool for him as he impressed in both in the first show and as much in this one as well. A deserving win for sure. After the match, though, he faced down with Rampage where he promised to return for a one on one title shot, which the crowd also wanted to see where they chanted ‘Please come back’ at him as he left towards the back.

So yeah, all went well in this sold out show. A few new champions, some really entertaining matches, winning a month’s free training at Dragon Pro Academy, all a normal person could ever hope to get out of – erm, wait, what? What was that last bit? Of yeah, that’s a thing that happened. Let me explain about that real quick. So at the start of the show was another raffle for some prizes. These included tickets to see WWE Hall of Famer Tatanka, live at Newport Centre on April 11th, a gift basket including wine and Quality Street chocolates, which I could have used to help ease the woes of the Animation student that I have become (but I honestly love my course though, there’s just so much work, the struggle is forever real). So I thought, I’ll buy a 1 pound ticket just to show my support for the show. Actually no, I’m feeling generous, I’ll buy two tickets! And how glad am I that I bought that second ticket. 1-5. 6-10 were my numbers. Didn’t expect anything from it because, you know, when do I even win raffles for anything right?

At the end of the show, they call someone out first. They win the ticket to see Tatanka. The second person, a woman, who has lived her life to the fullest, shall I say in the nicest way possible, getting the gift basket. I honestly hoped they would give her the wrestling training just for a few laughs like they did the last show. Then the last one, number 8. Wait, b-but I’m number 8. So there’s me holding up my number sheepishly, when I heard a rowdy fan yell ‘RIGGED!’ because you know, people are awful. Then I get told that I won a month’s free wrestling training at Dragon Pro Academy. At that moment I wanted to turn around to the guy, put on a pair of shades and just walk out the door like a boss. Then I had an old man asking if they have medical insurance covered for me which I jokingly replied, ‘Yeah, I might need it.’ Though inside I saw images of him being slammed through a wrestling ring. Again, I”m a sadist.

But yeah, I don’t know what else to say to that really. Because you know, for the most part, everyone who competed in the show, as well as anyone who competes in professional wrestling promotions, independents, higher promotions like (ROH or Lucha Underground) or even the more well known places (TNA and of course, WWE). All the people there know how to go, because they have the bodies for it. Then there’s me, an unfit, 21 year old who was only ever hit a few times in my childhood and I never really hit anyone back because I didn’t like the idea of fighting. Can I really do wrestling training? No, what? No, never. But one of the Dragon Pro crew who helped with security told me that he too was unfit when he first started and how they can put you on a nice diet with some good cardio training, both of which I could honestly need.

And yeah, wrestling involves slamming people on a square board of wood, but the thing about wrestling that appeals to me over any sport, since I am far from a sporty person, is how entertaining it can be. People can tell genuine stories in the matches, whether it’s though the aggression they show in the ring and in their moves, or the little gestures that go on in between each hold, each submission, when you climb the top rope. Or even when you talk on the microphone and you address the audience in whatever you have to say to them. That all entertains me; it gives me a reason to watch professional wrestling. And maybe people reading will be like ‘Well, have you mentioned why we think wrestling is fake and rubbish!’ Then I’d say, fake, scripting, whatever you call it, maybe you’re right, but that doesn’t make it rubbish in any means. If you don’t like it that’s cool, that’s fine. I’m a true lover of good story-telling, that’s why I’m in an Animation course at the end of the day. Because I want to tell stories to people though a 2D pencil/digital media, and professional wrestling, that’s just another form of story-telling. One that has honestly made me say, ‘You know what, I’ll probably end up a battered mess up the end of it, but I’ll do it. I’ll do that month’s free training with Dragon Pro.’ I mean it’s free after all, can’t say no to fine hospitality like that can you?

I’ll end it with a little inclusion at the end of the training info if you guys are also interested in knowing more about Dragon Pro Academy and want to give them a go sometime, and I’ll say that the show itself was again very enjoyable, and it’s worth going to any type of wrestling show. Whether it’s WWE in Cardiff, or any local promotion, because sometimes, independent promotions can hold even more enjoyable shows that a main place like WWE can. I can’t judge that quite yet as I’ve never been to a WWE show, or TNA if they ever decide to come back to Cardiff, if ever. But yeah, it’s worth looking into. I mean there are some shows coming up in Cardiff with the well-known American promotion CHIKARA for the first time ever. I’ll do my best to look into covering that if I get tickets for it, as well as the ATTACK! Pre-show that same day. And of course I’ll try and look into getting tickets for the next Dragon Pro show in June, as soon as I know more info about that of course.

It was also suggested that I possibly post up a weekly/daily/wheneverly blog like article of my times training with Dragon Pro, which I’ll definitely do whenever I start my training in the next 6 months (how long the training is valid for), so look forward to that when it happens. But, yeah, that’s me said and now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go back to my drawing hovel where I will continue to live no life until I decide to rarely emerge once more.

* Dragon Pro Wrestling is a professional Wrestling school based out of Newport, South Wales. Currently training between The Sunhealth Gym, and S.H.A.R.E Centre Newport. Teaching pro Wrestling presentation and wrestling skills, DragonPro are proud to showcase some of the Welsh Wrestling Scenes stars of tomorrow, with academy graduates featuring on some of the biggest wrestling events both around the UK and internationally! Want to get involved and follow your pro wrestling dreams? Contact the team. Search Facebook for Dragon Pro Wrestling or email us at dragonprowrestlingacademy@hotmail.co.uk *


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