Rhys Review: Exposure Wrestling Entertainment – LuchaMania (3/4/2016)

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3rd April 2016, a day that will mostly likely go down in history as the day of WWE WrestleMania 32, even though us in the UK will technically be watching at midnight on the 4th April. But, even still, many promotions around the world celebrate Mania Day in different ways, Exposure Wrestling Entertainment decided to do their own version of it called ‘LuchaMania’ which took place at the Pill Millennium Centre in Newport. This was their first show in Newport, and not only that, it was their first family friendly show, so it was a day of firsts for Exposure. I’ll just get into things and say the venue was your gymnasium type set up, and the turnout was very nice, they got all their seats filled and everyone was definitely looking forward to this show.

Oh, and just to correct myself from the last Exposure review, I was exaggerating when I said there were around twenty to thirty people, there were more than this, it was just a smaller number than the last show. Apologies to anyone at that show who were not happy with me not head counting right. But this show did much better in comparison so with all that said, I’ll make a start with things.

Opening Match
Singles Match
Lion Kid defeated El Perro Barbudo

This opening match featured two masked men, as you’d expect from the theme of the show. The first guy whose name translated roughly to ‘The Bearded Dog’ wasn’t liked as much by the mixed age crowd, while Lion Kid was much more well-liked by people. I’d say this is the case as he had a merch stand up before the show started which was very well set up. A couple of nice pictures for sale, T-shirts in childrens sizes, and even children sized masks much like his own. To be fair this guy knew who his audience was and they liked him all the same. Hey, he got me excited, mainly because his theme is of my favourite film of all time. He even came out to a remixed version of The Circle of Life so I’m a fan already.

The match itself was very nice, you had the hard-hitting aggression from Perro who seemed too affective for quite a bit of the match to the crowd’s dislike, but Lion Kid’s high risk lucha libre style proved too much for the wrestling dog hybrid and ended up winning the match after an impressive lucha based moved followed by the pinfall. Everyone really enjoyed this match and were looking forward to the rest of the show from this.

Tag Team Match
Nadia Sapphire and Ayesha Rey defeated Nina Samuels and Dragonita

Before the match began, Nadia got on the mic talking about how much better she is than everyone in Newport, saying that it is a crime that she wasn’t on the posters for the show and how her and ‘The Amazon’ Ayesha were going to remain on top of Exposure’s womens division. This brought out the team of Nina and the masked Dragonita who got a much more favourable reception from the crowd. Now, this match saw a mixture of styles from these women. Nadia and Ayesha bring an arrogant attitude to their mixture of dirty and powerhouse styles respectively. Nina brought much charisma to her athletic based moveset while Dragonita had Lucha moves of her own to stick to the theme of the show. The favourites had fun making fun of the it girls by chanting ‘Chickens’ at them along with the kids in attendance. But in the end, Nadia got the pinfall victory by pulling on the others’ tights without the ref seeing this. But they weren’t done with just winning the match, both women continued to attack Nina and Dragonita with closing words from Ayesha saying, “And in case you didn’t realise, this is SapphireMania!” which left a sour taste in everyone’s mouths as the two left in dominating fashion.

Singles Match
Gene Munny defeated Steve Kuningas

This match saw a big powerhouse in Steve Kuningas, who was the second Lion themed competitor of the night as he came to the ring with a more realistic Lion like ornament, looking quite the character doing so. His opponent, Gene Munny, was very flashy and showboaty, which the people seemed to like very much. This was a nice match up with bits of comedy and fun times with Munny over the strong man style of Kuningas. In the end, Munny scored the pinfall victory to win the match and this made everyone feel good going into the interval.

Not much of note happened during the break, though Lion Kid was at his merch table so a majority of the kids wanted a signed picture and to see him, seems like he needs to come back to future family themed Exposure shows judging by how popular he was with them all. There was also a raffle which let a few fans have some free things as well, you can’t have a wrestling event without an annual wrestling raffle after all.

Tag Team Match
Axel Carter and Tiger Cub Defeated The Fabulous Bakewells (Jerry and Steakley Bakewell)

As the ‘very English’ duo of Jerry and Steakley came out to basically say they were sticking to a non-Lucha style, not making those in the crowd happy, but their opponents, Axel Carter and the masked Tiger Cub, seemed much more energetic to be with everyone in Newport. This was your run of the mill tag match with the moustache-masked Englishmen using bits of comedy and a majority of dirty brawler style moves, while Tiger Cub seemed to get beat down quite a lot of the match which was a shame for their team. Luckily, whenever Axel would get in the ring, he would have the upper hand with his high impact style. By the end of it all, Axel hits one of the Bakewells with a 619 and a Superkick, but Tiger tags himself in to steal the pinfall victory, which seemed odd, though they won in the end so I suppose it didn’t matter.

Thought it seemed to matter to the masked tiger as for whatever reason, he attacked his own partner after the match! He then unmasked himself to reveal that he was never Tiger Cub, but actually someone named Lugo, who happened to be one of the two masked men from the previous St Valentines show who attacked Axel, who acted as a referee during the attack that happened then, so I guess he wanted to finish the job. By this point people who booing the heck out of him as he got on the mic, so I couldn’t make out all of what he said. What I could make out was that he was sick of something, probably being mistreated or the like as bitter youngsters tend to be these days. He definitely overstayed his time as ring security tried to get him out of the ring. He left one final impactful mark by hitting a vertical DDT type move on Axel through a steel chair, which did not look nice at all, leaving not one person happy as he stomped his way to the back.

Main Event
Singles Match
Juventud Guerrera defeated Malik

This Main Event match featured ‘The Punjabi Prince’ Malik, who the people didn’t seem to care for much, and a returning name to Exposure, and a popular name overall in ‘The Juice’ Juventud Guerrera. He even came to the ring with what I think was a replica WCW Cruiserweight Championship since he, after all, was a former three-time champion when that promotion was alive. This match was a very nice way to close the show with very nice high flying action. mainly from Juice. against the hybrid style of Malik who looked impressive against the legend in his own right. There were many parodied chants from mainstream wrestling from Juventud which appealed to the younger audience, such as ‘Juicy City’, ‘Juice!’ as a spoof off ‘Yes!’ among others, which I thought he didn’t need to do, but was kind of smart since he needs to appeal to the younger generation of kids somehow while the older fans were happy to see him there anyway. In the end, Juice got the pinfall victory and everyone by the end of the show was cheering along as that put an end to Exposure’s first show in Newport.

Overall, this show did very well I say. Everyone enjoyed the show, the turnout was better than I thought it would be, considering the day it took place on, it did very well, I counted over a hundred and double counted to make sure I didn’t mess up like I did last time. All the talent seemed to be enjoying themselves along with the people too so yeah, a very nice show for Exposure. No word on when or where their next show will be, but Exposure has plans to have more exciting action in the near future, so as always, follow their social stuff.

This is me done until the next Exposure show, hope I convinced people to attend one of these shows in the future.



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