Rhys Review: Exposure Wrestling Entertainment – St Mary Street Massacre (1/11/2015)

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*Just a quick noticefor you all, the following review will be focused on an audience of 18 plus asthe event I went to focused on this age range – so mentions of cussing,innuendoes and such like will be included, but I’ll try my best to be cuss andcrude free as possible, though no promises.*

Hello one, hello all! Though it’ll likely be the formersince I think only one person ever really talks about my articles to thepublic. That was a saddening note, let me try again. Hello myself, and welcometo another Rhys Reviews article! No, wait, that was worse! Ah well, it’s likelytrue, I’ll keep it in.

Now, I recently managed to get in contact with the finefolks over at Exposure Entertainment to see if they needed any extra hands attheir wrestling themed shows and events, since I’m still new to the wholewrestling scene and need as much experience and knowledge about the business ingeneral if I want to take it at all seriously. I talked to them at one of theirevents at the end of September this year, and they said they’d be happy toaccept me as one of their crew members. Saying that, I was able to help out attheir first wrestling show after the night of Halloween, and subsequently, thenight after my second night shift in my new job.

 Luckily I managed toget myself out of bed with very little sleep in my body to help them out withtheir show at the Walkabout bar in Cardiff and help out with their St MaryStreet Massacre show. So as I feel that I owe them so much for thisopportunity, I’ll review the very show I got to help out at. I’ll mentionlittle brief puts of how I helped and what happened in breaks and such, butultimately I’ll do my best to stick to the point and talk about the show andthe matches that took place. So with that said, I may as well start this wholething. When I got there around an hour and a half before the show opened itsdoors, I somewhat helped downstairs with set up, but I mostly stood on standbyentry just making sure everyone had tickets and no shadiness happened. Thoughone couple left after they were told to wait in que a little longer,practically wasting their money coming to this show. I mean it wasn?t a wastefor Exposure, but they didn’t have to buy the tickets if they were going to bethat irritated by standing in a line for a little while longer, but not as longas the others behind them mind you. I mean the thought of waiting, in a line,for a show you bought money towards!? NOOO,THAT’S MADNESS!!!

That’s one of the fewthings that annoyed me about the night, but luckily there weren’t many badtimes to be had. After all the other patient people got all settled in, I wastold to help man the Merch stands which was a cool thing for me since I want toget more experience talking with people, because quite frankly, I suck at it andneed to NOT suck at it, especially in this business. I also managed to get abalcony view of the show while watching the Merch so I definitely lucked out onthat one.

Opening Match

James Castle defeatsMorgan Webster

Right into the opening match the crowd was cussing theirheads off, but this is expected in a bar full of people with alcohol in theirhands and systems. Some of it was even on the floor in the opening, match.Castle slipped on it one time getting a few laughs at his expense. If there wasa large spillage like that, I didn’t want to imagine how the rest of the nightwould have gone. This didn’t affect anything though as the two worked the rowdylot into a fun opening match with the goes rooting for Morgan and his high riskring style, and not favouring James any as he cared nothing of the people andwanting to do whatever it took to win the match, which is what ended uphappening actually, as Castle got the win after holding his feet on the ropeswhen the feet wasn’t looking to get a sneaky win out of it.

Princess NadiaSapphire defeats Leva Bates

So an unscheduled women’s match was next and as you canimagine by this point some of the people who didn’t pay to see the show triedto get a sneak peak at what has happened so far. I mean it could have been fromthe excitement of the first match, but in reality it was the excitement ofdrunken men in a pub seeing prettied-up women grappling each other – WRESTLINGLADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

So, Nadia came out calm; people likely know her for drinkingand dancing all around Cardiff and she wants people to pay her respect, and allthings worthy of her because she is a true princess, and wants to prove herworth in Exposure to everyone by beating a random woman. Of course this bringsout her challenger Leva Bates, who viewers of WWE NXT may know her better bythe name of: “Blue Pants?”, coming out in the regular attire of.. I?ll let youguess. Nadia wasn’t impressed with her challenger, clear by her first sentenceof “What the **** is this?!?” Geez for a ‘Princess’, she sure has a mouth onher. And that mouth would continue on during the whole match, alongside otherfoul mannerisms and moves that kept knocking down Leva. But she would do herbest to come back at the entitled Nadia with hard-hitting moves of her own thathad the people wanting more through the whole match. They both even pulled outsome pretty darn impressive manoeuvres towards the end which wanted me to seethem go on for a little longer, but it wasn’t to be as the two soon brawled tothe outside, and when the ref wasn?t looking, Nadia smashed a beer bottle overLeva’s head. She rolled her back into the ring where Nadia covered her up forthe pin-fall victory. Again, a rotten way to win the match but an impressiveshowing from both women.

 Eddie Dennis defeats Gideon Grey

 By this point of thenight, I had to help set up the Merch stands so I won’t be able to give you afull run down for the things that happened for the next two matches, but what Ido remember hearing from this one is that everyone was very much into: ‘ThePride of Wales’ Eddie while being not so kind to the opposing England-bredGideon, who of course detested the Welsh because.. well, because of Englishreasons, I guess? Banter maybe? Anyway, Eddie ended up winning with, something;a driver of sorts, I think? I can’t remember because again, I didn’t quite seethe whole match, although the people seemed into this one as much as the rest,and hey, another good thing is that the people watching the women’s match frombehind me slowly started to leave during this match because neither Eddie orGideon had breasts. Well, not the type they would be into at least.

Air Mex (Mark Andrewsand Juventud Guerrera) defeats The Hunter Bros (Jim Hunter and Lee Hunter)

Didn’t see all of this match again, but I tried to see asmuch as I could since the former WWE, WCW and AAA Star in Juventud was involvedin the match, and he was very much respected by the crowd and he wanted to makethis match out to the late and always great, Eddie Guerrero. It’s a shame thatX-Pac, who was originally supposed to team with Juvi, had to drop out due toissues he was having, but Mandrews was more than able to meet expectationshere. The match was definitely one of the more fun ones of the night, with yourusually captivating high risk, high reward style from Mandrews and a more basedLucha style from Juvi, a lot of loud chops could be heard between my timessetting up Merch from him. The brothers on the other hand were much like theothers in matches/. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t get Castle’s luck as inthe end as it was Juventud who got the win for his team after hitting the JuviDriver on one of the brothers and getting the pin.

Next was Intermission and people had the chance to takepictures with Mark and Juventud in the ring or simple buy merch where I helpedwith, or just to get some more drinks. We sold a decent amount of things withMark’s own Merch, his Defend Indy Wrestling’s Merch and a few Mike Bird shirtsbeing the focus of what was sold. A few things got sold which was nice and itwas cool to see that people there were enjoying themselves so far. Mark wasthere selling his merch and chatting with everyone as well as Morgan and Levaalso being there for some quick chats.

Doug Williams defeatsIan Williams and Chris Brookes

In what was originally Doug Williams VS Joel Redman, thelatter sadly couldn’t make it for reasons out of my understanding, so Doug madean open challenge to anyone who was spare in the back. This of course broughtout Ian Williams who wanted to answer the call, while another challenger inChris Brookes also wanted to answer it, and Doug said both are willing to try.The match itself was a nice bout between all three where we occasionally sawIan and Chris team up against the more experienced Doug as they saw him as moreof a threat, but they weren’t afraid to go after each other as well. Still thiswas a nice match for these three men that ended with Doug hitting a top ropediving knee on Brookes for the pin-fall victory.

Main Event – HardcoreMatch Mike Bird defeats Jimmy Havoc

 The main event of thenight was announced as a hardcore match, definitely an intense way to start upthis first time ever match between these independently known names. Jimmy Havocdidn’t get that much cheer for the Walkabout lot as he more or less called themworthless hypocrites and completely grilled one of the people in the crowd,which in all honesty, made me so happy since this particular fan was doing myhead in throughout the night. You can cheer for people and heckle those youdislike if you want, but if you do it at a constantly pace screaming at the topof your lungs, getting louder and drunker as the night carries on, you deserveto get a slap across the head, or at the very least, called out for it by JimmyHavoc. Then again he also chanted incorrect things at Havoc which made him looklike the fool – maybe this Havoc guy isn’t too bad after all. Still Mike cameto the ring with a kendo stick that was given to him by a well-known veteran,Hardcore Bob Holly from his Exposure Q&A at the end of September, the wayin which I got into contact with the people at Exposure, so I saw this exchangehappen and knew it would led to this.

 The match itself wasno short of the word brutal. Many weapons being used, like the kendo stick,rubbish lids, metal things, and others things I’ll get into soon. Nixon Newell,a female wrestler who was at the show the watch it as a fan, even got ashattering shot at Jimmy with something, after he pushed her onto the floor whereshe was sitting. Mentioning this, they weren’t shy to fight anywhere andeverywhere in this “anything goes” style match; on the bar tables, on the baritself, etc. Walking up towards the Merch table where I was staying, Havocnearly throwing Bird over a balcony at one point. Bird started pushing Jimmydown the stand, and back into the ring where things got a little bit insane.Havoc smashing his head through light rod into Mike’s head a few times beforegetting hit across the head with one himself – Jimmy also slamming Mike througha guardrail, a different Merch table away from me, and even a cardboardsurfboard because you see people, Walkabout in Cardiff is an Australian themedbar, and we must have our Aussie stereotypes you know. At one point Jimmy evenunwrapped the ring covers to show all the padding and some of the woodunderneath. After placing more light rods on the floor, Jimmy wants to slamMike from the top rope onto them, but the roles reversed and Mike did it toHavoc instead, which is how the man they call: ‘Ginger Jesus’ won the match.Okay, now, I need to be a little serious here for a moment.

 I know I’ve talked alot on this match and what happened, but I have to say I’m not sure how I feltabout this whole thing. Both Mike and Jimmy are talented men, but somethingabout this match didn’t sit right with me. I mentioned before that this is thefirst time these two men have ever wrestled each other. And this is also thefirst ever Exposure Entertainment Wrestling show, so to have a match like thisin the main event of their first ever show, with not that much build up betweenthese two except maybe a few mentioned in other Exposure events and thewrestlers themselves, people who would go to future Exposure shows (if theyhappen, and I truly hope they do) would want to expect this same thing everysingle show, or even more from the talent involved, and that’s a LOT to expectfrom talent. And if they keep doing matches like this every show, where theyare putting even more strain and hurt on their bodies than they normally wouldcompared to a regular matches, how long do you expect them to keep doing thisas a full-time career?

 I remember being akid and thinking hardcore matches were the coolest, then as a somewhat moreknowledgeable person now to know what these people actually go through inmatches like this I’m thinking, “Wow” hardcore matches aren’t that good afterall!. Though don’t get me wrong I’m okay with hardcore matches, but only whenthey make sense. After a long feud that has gone on for a good year or so whenit’s coming to an end, or nearing that end, sure. In a first encounter wherepeople are going through light rods and stripped away ring mats. Not so sure onthat personally. Saying that it got the people talking about both of them afterthe show and some new fans of both of them as well, so maybe that?s why theydid what they did, so people will be like: “I want to come to the next Exposureshow or go to future shows where Mike and/or Havoc will be, it’s going to begreat! So the match was fine I guess, crazy as all heck, just not my thingpersonally. I mean I still want to train under Mike’s guidance, I don?t want tohear about dying in the ring or anyone dying in the ring, death is a horriblething people, know this please. But the whole show itself, I’d say I enjoyedit, even with the questionably violent main event. It left people who left theshow and who stayed in the after party very happy.

A little more Merch was sold and there were some new fans for people like Birdy andHavoc as I mentioned earlier. Other people also tried to sell their things realquick before the after party and then of course fun times were had – except fromme because as some of you may know, I don’t do well in crowds of people in anysort of place, let alone pubs with music louder than the conversations aroundme. So I left after no one would sit near or talk to me.

Still it was all a very enjoyable show and I?m trulythankful I got to meet and work with the people from Exposure Entertainment! Igot to watch a very enjoyable show and matches from all the talent involved init. Hopefully we can do it again sometime, that?d be very nice indeed. Andapologies for the over analysis of the Main Event match, you?re all still greatpeople! I love you… platonically.

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