Rhys Review: Exposure Wrestling Entertainment – St Valentines Day Massacre (14/2/2016)

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*This will be talking about an 18 plus show, so there will be mention of cussing or even other adult content. If you are under this age, try not to read this. But whatever age you may be, please tread lightly when reading through this review.*

Alright so here I am again, covering another show that I helped volunteer for a ring crew, and that Wrestling Entertainment promotion. After their first show last year, they held their second show not too long ago on Valentine’s Day. Just a heads up I was not able to see all of the show as I also helped out with taking promo shots of some of the talent backstage which was a very cool experience to do for the first time, so my review may be shorter than my other ones, but I’ll try to mention as much as I can.

Before I start with the show, I need to say that the crowd turnout sadly did not do so well. I expected as much due to two factors. First of all, it was Valentine’s Day, so people likely wanted to spend their time with their loved ones on this single day, even though they could easily do that on any single day of the year. Yeah, I’m not a Valentine’s Day person, never believed in it, then again this is coming from someone who has yet to be in a romantic relationship of any kind so maybe I’m just being jaded, I don’t know.

The second being that there was also a show being held on the same day elsewhere in Cathays so not everyone could make it to two shows that day, especially with that show being sold out and from a more commonly known promotion. I didn’t count the numbers, but I saw something between twenty and thirty people, being closer to the twenty mark honestly, which again is a true shame. The show was once again held at the Walkabout bar in Cardiff as was the first show last year.

Opening Match
Panda Cub defeated Austin Osiris and Sammy Smooth

The Scottish native in Austin wasn’t too much liked from the people as he had more of the usual cocky attitude, showing his dislike for Wales. He mainly stuck to dirty shenanigans with his actions in the ring, though he did impress with some moments like a standing shiranui at one point. Sammy Smooth began by having little reaction from the people despite him having quite the confident character, but he had them warm up to him during the match as he shown nice displays of chain wrestling. Panda Cub was definitely the fan favourite of the match with people constantly chanting ‘* them up Panda, * them up!’ them claiming they will ‘riot’ if Panda loses, which they wouldn’t have, because people are really all talk. Luckily for Exposure (I guess) they didn’t have to do that as he ended up winning the match from a slipped up Panda/Frog Splash from the top rope. Hey, slip up or not, no one is perfect, and he still managed to hit the move, so it was definitely effective enough to win the match. Cub and Smooth shook hands after the match as people clapped this. A very nice match to start the show.

Also something of a mention during this match, there were many people upstairs in the regular bar area that were cheering extremely loudly for the sports game that was playing on the screens upstairs which annoyed me quick a bit. At least I hope they were cheering for that and not purposely being salty about the fact that they couldn’t see the wrestling show down below or something. Wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case honestly.

Princess Nadia Sapphire defeats Tennessee Honey

This women’s action, for what I saw, was a very hard hitting bout, with the ever arrogant and self-loving Princess of Exposure showing her dominance against the Tennessee visitor. Honey shown some fight of her own, pushing back Nadia on many occasions, even hitting a nice springboard cross body at one point at the start of the match. While it seemed that Honey had the match won, while Nadia had the referee distracted outside the ring, some monster of a woman appeared from out of nowhere and attacked Honey. This assault led to Nadia getting the pinfall victory. After the match, Nadia claimed to have got some back-up from this mystery woman, who is called ‘The Amazon’, Ayesha Ray. The two soon claimed to claim at ‘If you mess with us, we will end you’ or something to that effect. They continued to attack Honey after the match as Nadia called for her music to play, screaming at the sound people and dancing in Honey’s face in the corner in a very humiliating manner. Humiliating or not, this new force of Nadia and The Amazon is definitely something to keep an eye on.

DnD (Cieran Donnelly & Danny Duggan) defeats The Hunter Bros (Jim Hunter and Lee Hunter)

This match was played out for a bit of fun from both teams, with The Hunter being the favourites, especially by some people on the balcony watching down on the show. DnD made it a point to make fun of everyone, especially them for not being on the ground floor with them. Both teams showed nice tag team prowess, however I couldn’t take note as much during the match as I had work to do, but from what I saw, both teams worked well against each other and gave the people I fine time. The ending came when one of the DnD members rolled up one of the Hunter Bros for a pinfall. It may have involved pulling the tights but I couldn’t tell from the angle in which I saw the pin, wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case. The other two members of each people were brawling in the crowd, which is why the pin was not noticed as soon as it was. A fine match and a very nice effort from the Hunters again. It is still their second loss while being with Exposure; hopefully they can turn their unlucky ways around next time.

The intermission was next which lasted around twenty minutes. During this time I helped with the crew when they needed me so I can’t comment on what the crowd did, thought they didn’t seem to do much due to the lack of people there for the show. Maybe they got re-fills on drinks? I don’t know.

Ian Williams defeats Stevie James
This match was a bit of an odd one, mainly because it had Ian Williams being cheered? Or at least, more cheers than usual, which is a first. Maybe it’s because it involved Scottish wrestler Stevie James, who much like Austin from earlier, didn’t care so much for us Welshies. Stevie was the aggressor throughout the match, roughing up Ian as much as he could. Ian managed to fight back a few times, he even pulled out an over the top rope dive which is, again, a first from Ian, at least that I have seen anyway. The match came to an end when Ian managed to get a surprise Cutter that got him the pin-fall victory.

While everyone seemed to be enjoying the fact that Ian defeated the invading Scotsman, another invasion took place as you skull-cloth wearing mystery men appearing and caused carnage to everything and everyone in the area. With a kendo stick in hand, they gave Ian a beating as well as the referee, and even got in the faces of people in the crowds. One of them nearly went after me when I tried to take pictures of them, luckily I wasn’t hurt, so I should consider myself lucky that they didn’t go further with their actions on the crowd or other crew members. This was definitely a jarring experience that took a different turn from the rest of the show. We will likely see more of these mysterious attackers, maybe even sooner if you carry on reading.

Main Event
No Disqualification Match
Jack Jester defeats Mike Bird

This match was hyped up for a while now as we had another visitor from Scotland, but one with a bit more notice about him from his work with the Insane Championship Wrestling promotion from Scotland. He got a nice reaction from people, as did the familiar challenger in ‘Flying’ Mike Bird. Before the match started, Mike got on the microphone to say he wanted this match to be made into a No DQ match, and so that was a thing that happened. This was a very brutal way to end the show as we saw quite a bit of heavy hitting moves, mainly to the outside of the ring. Mike as a few points got some painful looking moves on the outside, such as a scoop slam to the wooden floor and an elbow drop from Jester to the floor from the apron. The rope ‘barrier’ separating the crowd from the ring got messed up a bit during the match and a few of the chairs that the fans were sitting on were used by both men. A truly brutal move was from Bird to Jester as the former threw the latter from the top rope on a pile of fan chairs. Despite both men putting up quite the fight, it was Jester who got the win in the end after delivering a Tombstone Piledriver to Mike and getting the pinfall win.

At the end of the match, Jester and Mike shook hands and the people thought this was the end as they cheered for both men. However as Jester left, the two skull clad men from earlier in the show appeared again to attack Mike. When things seemed bad for Mike, his good pal Bishop appeared from the back to try and step up to this scary duo. Sadly things got worse for Mike as Bishop took an unexpected turn and attacked Mike as well! This did shock the people as they weren’t at all happy with this. Mike did manage to scare off all three of them with a weapon of his own as this closes the show.

So yeah, that was Exposure’s second show ever. Despite personal stress I was going through at the time of the show and the poor turnout in terms of people, I really did enjoy my time. I got to meet a few more names that I was not as familiar with and it was a pleasure to work with them and do take pictures of them for promo shots. Hopefully the next show will do better, and this time it will be in a different place with a bit of a different theme to it. The theme being masked wrestlers, the show being called ‘LuchaMania’, being held at the Pill Millennium Centre in Newport, on April 3rd at 3pm. Due to not being held in an actual bar, this show will be much more family friendly than the past, so if that’s your thing and none of this cussing stuff, maybe you will want to go to this one.

Hopefully I can attend this show as once again, the same promotion mentioned earlier, will also be holding a show on this same day, oddly enough, at the Walkabout bar in Cardiff. Thought this one will be held at a later time so maybe you can go to both this time. Hopefully I can help out with the Exposure show as I already bought my tickets for the later show before this show was announced. Until this day, I hope you all enjoyed my review of this show, and I will see you all at whichever show I go to next, wherever that may we at.

If you’re interested in knowing more about Exposure, have a look at some of their social media links below.

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/ExposureEntertainment/
Twitter – https://twitter.com/ExpoEnt


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